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To the most amazing mum in the world, you rock!


Just saw the epic amazing movie, …Gladiator and obviously thought of another Maximus (Brothers son)… a little bit smaller to the size but a greater one in spirit and strength!  YEAH!

Bas (my older brother) wrote “Our son maximus saw daylight yesterday! The little warrior weighted 4166 grams and was 53 cm tall. We are all doing well now and recovering from a victorious delivery. Much love. Bas and Linda”

I am a happy uncle for the second time, and am planning a visit to Göteborg… Go Eijkhofs, … GO God!

Hi Guys here is a small greeting from St Vincent, this time I am not in a hospital but inside a Volcano… exiting every time! Actually I wish I could stay here for another two months… but hey every now and then reality kicks you in you butt. Peace out peeps.

Again someone has gotten older, guess who it is? Here are some clues; he is married to an Indian (someone from India, not like a tomahawk kind of Indian!) He living in the USA, he likes to press buttons all day for the sake of making pixels change on a screen, his name begins with Jeroe…, and he is my younger brother (well, he is adopted, but that’s a long story!) Yes Jeroen it’s you!! Happy birthday man wish you all the best. And hey if you are driving and someone bothers you… remember what to shout? That’s right,  “KISS MY AIRBAG” hehe

Love ya bro.

Hi Internet!..(When people write in their diary they write “dear diary” which sounds a bit unintelligent… So, me writing “Hi Internet” aint that bad if you compare!… its not like I am going to ask the internet to join me for a cup of coffee later on!) Its about two weeks left until I fly back to Suecia for Christmas. And although I am returning I still get this going-away-feeling that suddenly makes you appreciate the place a bit more than usual. The 16th of February… around lunchtime I will arrive in Arlanda airport… wow, I can’t even imagine hearing people around me speaking Swedish, For sure, its going to be wonderful coming home. See you guys in 2 weeks. /Bob

[pic]My hair is a mess!

[pic]And here is Leons birthday present to me… a nice drawing.

Last Monday Leon left Muzuane and at the moment I am the only DI (volunteer) over here. Got a big house and huge beach all to myself and AH sooo boring! Miss you Leon and wish you all the best. Right now my project leader decided to go for a holiday to Brazil, the students finished their exams and are coming back in December for graduation and I am finishing some presentation-movies for this school… which at the moment is quite empty.


Yes… as you might have heard this is my main job, making small movies. But don’t be fooled, I am simply an amateur not a Spielberg or a Bas, so when putting things up on YouTube (hopefully this Christmas) don’t expect too much. (Ha ha, bob, don’t you have any confidence?!)… Well, you have to see for yourselves (OOO)


Anyways here is a pic of Leon and me… miss you man and.. Kamsamida

Today is one of my internet days, yes… meaning I take time to check my mail, update my blog and get some connection to the outer world. You see, when one lives in a village… well let’s just make a tremendously boring story a bit shorter and say thank God for internet!
Its sometimes weird traveling like this, to a place where it’s obvious you are not from, and the difference between you and everyone else around is pretty evident. In Mozambique I am the white, rich strangely blond guy who stands out in the crowd… I hate it! I get the feeling that whoever is nice to me is expecting something nice in return, like money, a new Mercedes and a changed life! What I say doesn’t really matter, because what I symbolize has more deeply taken its root in many people’s minds. Don’t get me wrong I have got some nice friends now, but every time I walk the streets someone comes up to me and says “Ey, bom dia… want to be my friend?!?“ or the honest ones just asks for money straight away! But who am I to get frustrated huh?! After all In the long run I am the rich one and more privileged… in one way! It’s not easy being somewhere where you help the few and neglect the many. In the end of the day the heart turns sorrow into anger and the only way of helping everyone who asks for it seems to be by befriending both Bill Gates and Jesus! … uhm, … see the irony?
From one thing to the other… Here is me on one local taxi (called shapa) It can be different type of viecles, this time it’s a small truck… gah I´m white!
Last Saturday the 27 of march my little sister Joy (my real sister, not fake like some of you out there) turned 15 years old… wow, she is getting all grown up!… Shit!! Joy stop it… haha,
…naw just joking. Joy you are going to become the most amazing woman ever and I am soooo looking forward to see you what God has in stored for you. When Joy first was born, her name was not only prophesied before, but afterwards she was the uplifting joy and pride of the Eijkhof-family, imagine three brothers who finally gets their sister. Now a days Joy has grown up and is not any longer the cute little sister, but a beautiful god-fearing girl… Joy… who still naturally spreads the joy around. Joy, your name truly still has significance, love you soooooo much.


Hi  everyone, friends and family, far of cousins, people I don’t remember and all you other stalkers! The New Year has begun and you know how it is… The day is not different from a day last year (last decade) but symbolically it is soooo different, we allow ourself another chance at things, starting anew, reloading our enthusiasm and look forward to the new year with eagerness and confusion! But we also look back on what we have learned and in which way God has carried us through (I dont know about you, but I sure need a couple of extra angels around me every now and then!… yeah dad, you need even more!… and Jeroen you have a Iphone, so no extra angel for you!) So where was I .. oh yeah ehm, my year has been good and I am entering a time when I don’t have a single clue on what exactly will happen, sure I will go to Mozambique, but hey AFRICA!!!! need I say more! ok here are anyways two small videos about what we did for Christmas. Have a good day people… see you later…

So as far as I know Jeroen is right now in Washington State hanging loose with his new WIFE Sandhya… (or “new wife”..! sounds like has has seven older ones.) They had an amazing time in Santorini.. Jeroen I have seen the pictures and they are goood. Right now they have moved into their new apartment which has a pool and a gym. Yes, where they live the average apartment has these life-necessities! (Jeroen I am not jealous at all) And as far as I know they have already been to Ikea eating swedish food… because as we all know to be true… American food suck! hehe. Here are some pictures of the newly weds. First their wedding day, then the two next ones are from Chicago where they had more parties, and the last one from their honeymoon. (press on the picture for bigger size)


brosOn Friday Jeroen will get married. CRAZY. I mean he is my little brother and getting married, moving to the states… my little little tiny mini insi pini brother! So Anyways, Today Bas and myself had a great time together planning (I wont tell you what) … but it is going to be great for sure. The evening ended with us three brothers chilling alone together and suddenly in stillness realizing that this moment ain’t coming back for a long time. Our family is spreading out all over, Jeroen to Washington State, Bas to Göteborg, me to St Vincent…. all at the same time too! Mamma-Caramba!

Well the family vd Eijkhof is for sure Changing life direction… but still heading the same way *blink blink*

Nice, isn’t it…


Hello everybody, Here is my families Newsletter, Just thought I would post it right here, for everyone to read, it is 2 weeks old so bare with me.

We just want to wish you a blessaed Christmas and a healthy and fruitfull New Year. That the peace of God will fill your heart, mind and soul and his nearness will be very evident in your live.These last months we were directed to Jesaja 61, were the Lord is comending us to bring good tidings to the poor, to heal the broken hearted, to set the captic free, and to bring the binded into the light.

This Fall Tjebbo and me have been from home quite a bit. New Life’s celgroup meetings, the preparation meetings for the coming Jesus Manifestation, speaking assignments ect. for Tjebbo, while Ans has been graduated for the RescueNet course, visited Sandhya, Jeroens’ fiancee, was working her hours in the hospital, took care of family bussenes and many other things.


Right now we are also in the preparations for our next Latvia trip. Tjebbo is leaving tomorrow to Latvia to do all the preparations for week 9. If you want to join, let us know.

But we are also looking forward to a family time next week, when Bas, Linda, Mika, Bob and Jeroen are staying with us for some days. Mika is winding everyone around her fingers, but we just love it!! Bas and Linda are doing great together, and a live full with new challenges.

Bob is working 75% as a substitude teacher. Also the worship team and the evenings with the homeless and outcasts are having a high prority in his life.

Jeroen has been in Portland with Sandhya for 2 weeks, which was a blessed time for both of them. He wants to get his’ Masters’ in the US and applied for a university close by, where he even good talk with one of the professors. They had a good conversation and he seems to be a good candidate for a scholarship.


Our Joy is still sick with malaria!! Fortunately it is not the one who effects the brain, but it was bad enough. This next 2 weeks she is using medication, to get rid of all the parasites and we pray for a quick healing and new strength. Last october she went to her first youth conference and quess what her favorit subject was……..“Intelligent Design!”

What is next:a

* Vonnie Michels, my american friend came for a visit. ….we talked for hours!

* 23-27 Dec. : Celebrating christmas with family and extanded family.

* 27 Dec.-3th Jan.:” Open cafe” in our church, for the ones who need a place to go to.

* 13 – 16 febr. The European Leaderships Conference of YWAM in Berlin, where Tjebbo will participate, which will be followed by a conference about working in cities with Kingdom principles.

For many of you this will be the first e-mail newsletter!

We hope you can see/ download the pictures as well. If there are any problems, please let us know.

Together for Jesus.

Today the 11:th of Oktober its the birthday of Dad. Unfortunetely mum is in Holland, but non the less we celebrate it with some breakfest in bed…

…lookie looike.

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