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Marios bachelor party … YAY!!



Saturday afternoon at 2 pm Stockholm Central Station froze five minutes, I was there and I am telling you it was awesome, check it out here:

Ajajaj Bob please don’t go there… (hehe)

Well honestly I have done the same thing by having a festival screaming out JESUS in the streets… you know proclaiming what I believe in…. reason? : To let people in Stockholm now there are many Christians out there who believe in a one true God. Why? because christian are in a minority and need to show themselves and express themselves to the whole country (or in christian terms “to the world” (ojojoj) and because it is a great fun feeling of freedom to let go of the fear of men and proclaim what you believe in!

Well maybe you get the ironic picture here.. the Pride-festival is exactly the same thing…  with the goal of normal acceptance, and making a point to hetero world out there! The question is what point are we making through these public announcements… that we are crazy people who like to shake and shout…? Or in the pride-f that gay/bi/tr people are over-promiscuous with weird clothing and anything but normal ?… honestly in both these cases it strikes me as the concepts don’t work in line with the goal! because it creates an even more twisted idea in peoples minds.

Christian… yes I am not stupid, I know there is a spiritual side to it as well as we pray for our country and call upon the Lords presence, Issues that make the whole Jesus-Manifestation valuable, important and worth it.

I am just questioning the in both the cases, maybe especially the Pride Festival since it is more meant to be a show, if the goal of trying to get people to think different is reached…. or counteracted.

Just Imagine us having a huge Hetero Festival with people of different gender making out everywhere to make a point…. wouldn’t that stride against the whole purpose?

am I wrong, right, yes, no.. ? bu eller bä?  tell me

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