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Joy tar studenten… Yay, love you sis!


Marios bachelor party … YAY!!


It was about a month ago now, But here is a small video-thingy I cut together for dad.

This time the party was dedicated to Helen who moved into the “collective”-residence in Vårberg. As she is apparently all into the middle eastern -stuff, the food and music was all inspired by from the Arabic… peoples! … And hey they had a water-pipe… Yeah, Eu gosto! The people at the feast were from everywhere… These International parties are truly the best ones! Thanks guys for an awesomous time. Blezz Ya´ll

Yesterday Jordana and Suppe Got married… yay! Joy and me headed over there to see their beautiful faces, celebrate with them, dance and Stuff our selves with  wedding-delights. Thank you guys for an amzing day. It was truly beautifull and I wish you the best.


Hi guys, last week we had a welcome party for the new people at RVA, we decided to make it a costume-fantasy-wow-party… and all this obviously involves a whole lot of dancing… check out the video.

Bob as Kurt Cobain’s… lost brother!

Wow, we ar5e enrering a new decade ladies and gentlemen… a new decade… DECADE !! … GAH! Than was like ten years ago we did that last… remeber 2000… well I was 17 when that happened and now I am 21 =). Here in Bequia Sun is shining, people are party crazy and the waves from the clear blue water are gigantic. AAAH (drägel). So Happy new year everyone I hope you have a good time tonight and especially tomorrow morning =)

Bye 2009 Hello 2010

The wedding was amazing. My little brother just got married, managed to say Yes (as did Sandhya his WIFE) It all started in Sofia Church and Ended at our home here in Upplands Väsby… The feast at Stora Essingen also was a success with lots of family and friends from all over the world congratulating the newly weds. And as the picture shows it ended with an Indian tradition were the mothers from each family gave presents to each other and the couple aswell. By that time it was 2 o’clock at night and as you see Sandhya and Jeroen look tired and happy. Now they are of to Santorini, Greece for their honeymoon and then they are of to Washington ….

tired =)ps, Jeroen you still owe me a wife ;)

Ah-Ah. n506532518_1646041_73761

Altough my humble father was in charge of the appertizer… (kidding dad!), This saturday-Gala was truly a sucess. We had about 90 people comming to our lovely feast, a feast for feast sake! Because we all love feasts! And where there is a feast there is great food, and where there is great food you will indeed find me somewhere. Right now I am home all wiped out of energy, and so are all you who helped to make this evening even more enjoyable. So from the depts of my heart… thank you!    (HAHAHA) ok that sounded just soo not like me, but somewhere inside this hard shell of mine, I am most likely to be thankful

I am already preparing for the next Party…. an evening for just Guys (no I am not gay), but I like to eat in a certain manner and and you know … be a mansgris for just one single moment ok! So looking forward to that, goodnight.

[picture: The hosts of the evening; Joy and me]

Thank you Eleah and Julia for an amazing party last Sunday…. finally a feast in Tensta/Rinkeby… it surely was a wake up call to have more festivities in this part of town… the best part of town if I might add.

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