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Joy tar studenten… Yay, love you sis!


My little sister Joy receives the award for the smartest (and best , most beautiful and completely amazing) student in her class when finishing her first year of high-school studies.


Yesterday Jordana and Suppe Got married… yay! Joy and me headed over there to see their beautiful faces, celebrate with them, dance and Stuff our selves with  wedding-delights. Thank you guys for an amzing day. It was truly beautifull and I wish you the best.


Well people, it has been a long time ago since i posted anything here. It probably has to do with the fact that my life here in Suécia is pretty frozen. There are no battles to fight, no mountains to conquer, no glorious victories that fills this vessel with pride and accomplishment,  not even carnivals to enjoy! … Life here is easy and nice like a non-dramatic reality show and I am a wreck-less Batmobile with an engine problem! Soon however I will finally start working and earning money which feels nice after roughly 2 years without any income. I am doing fine here in Sweden and so is my Brazilian love who is still in St Vincent… mmm!

The other day My sister (Joy) and me went out picking blue berries. After, she made something so amazing! Let me just say that the place serving food in heaven better add this to their menu or I will consider changing religion! Just imagine… take blue berries, cheese cake and muffins … then mix these delights together and you will get… Blue-berry-cheesecake-muffins (is this even possible!?)… aaaah. Joy you are undoubtedly my favorite sister.

After many visits to countries that are not as privileged as yours and mine, I have always said that poverty and joy does not have anything to do with each other. I have seen and experienced an embracing life spirit, a profound joy and the most genuine smiles from people who don’t have anything, people who hope for at least one meal for the day, people whose dreams are limited and people who stopped dreaming… there in the midst of these we westerners are the students and they are they examples.

Here is an interesting sketch that somebody made describing this. [click on it to see bigger]

The only things is that I don’t believe people are ever “satisfied” with what they have, but being happy surely does not require the materialism this world offers.

I threw together some pictures and clips of this christmas with he absolute most amazing family every… God bless you guys, thanks for a great time here in sweden, tonight my flight leaves to lissabon again and by new year I will be back in Mozambique, peace and Gods blessings. -b

ps, apparently the movie must be seen from the youtube-homapage… so go go yo!

As you might have read, I am making small documentaries… which you cannot see, due to sucky internet! Last Friday I went around and showed the movie to the people who were involved, must say it was a joy seeing them watching the movie, as you can see for yourself on the pictures below. Otherwise I am doing fine, English lessons are going good and Africa is hotter then ever!!

Last Saturday the 27 of march my little sister Joy (my real sister, not fake like some of you out there) turned 15 years old… wow, she is getting all grown up!… Shit!! Joy stop it… haha,
…naw just joking. Joy you are going to become the most amazing woman ever and I am soooo looking forward to see you what God has in stored for you. When Joy first was born, her name was not only prophesied before, but afterwards she was the uplifting joy and pride of the Eijkhof-family, imagine three brothers who finally gets their sister. Now a days Joy has grown up and is not any longer the cute little sister, but a beautiful god-fearing girl… Joy… who still naturally spreads the joy around. Joy, your name truly still has significance, love you soooooo much.

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