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Te amo!

Me mixing my love for my wife aaaand….  after effects =)



Joy tar studenten… Yay, love you sis!

Here is a 3 minute small clip i made showing our backyard… with a fantastic twist in the end =)

I got one week left in this country, strange feeling I must say! Then it is of to Brazil where my new life will start. How does one spend this last week?! It is not like I am going to dissapear forever, but this feeling of doing as many  important things as possible has struck me before aswell. Strange I must sa. But I finaly got my swedish citizenship, so I am bound to come back in maybe seven years from now? Anyways it feels so good to leave, I am not going for the sake of leaving, but I am going for the sake of arriving… arriving to my girlfriend and whatever God has in-stored for me over there. Initially I will work as an English teacher as I have finished the TEFL course… this will be interesting, especially since my Portuguese could be better! Yes people there most people don’t speak English (God help!) An address and contact information will be available soon to all you who need it. Thanks for yet another year you old, free and mountainous North.

My little sister Joy receives the award for the smartest (and best , most beautiful and completely amazing) student in her class when finishing her first year of high-school studies.


Ladies and gents… from today Bob van den Eijkhof is a SWEDISH citizen (thank you, thank you)…. peace out yall. 

Ah, another awesome thing I want to try!, meu deus haha.

Hi guys, just wanted to update ya´ll on what is happening in my life by vlogging. But as the camera was on I realized there was not that much to say!

Gods Peace and rich Blessings.

It was about a month ago now, But here is a small video-thingy I cut together for dad.

Yesterday Jordana and Suppe Got married… yay! Joy and me headed over there to see their beautiful faces, celebrate with them, dance and Stuff our selves with  wedding-delights. Thank you guys for an amzing day. It was truly beautifull and I wish you the best.


Finaly I am Back in dear old Sweden! benn visiting my brother in Göteborg the first week and am now residing at my parents home in Stockholm.

Here is a small greeting to you who are still IN St vincent, and all you other great DI:s… Peace, Love and Gods rich blessings. /Bob

Leon Sabina and Myself went to town to celebrate at the city square the independence day of mozambique…. amazing man!

Well, as the sayong goes; a picture says more than a thousand word so…

DSC05816Mothers day. Yes Last Sunday was mothers day, So Jeroen Bas Joy and myself prepared a surprise for mum and Linda … flowers and cake for the fika time at New Life. Congratulations to the best mum God has ever created…. my mum !!

MIka 4x-2Mika, our favorite person in the world. Mika has grown and is showing signs of her own personality as is seen in the picture.

DSC05821La Familia van den Eijkhof. Yes last weekend the whole family was in church so why not take a picture of us all. Sandhya wasn’t there, but in time she will also join the Eijkhof clan, conquering the world =)

Saturday afternoon at 2 pm Stockholm Central Station froze five minutes, I was there and I am telling you it was awesome, check it out here:

Rinkeby, the underestimated suburb in Stockholm, my home. Some people stay away from this part of town, its full of immigrants (like moa), immigrant stores, kebab-hangouts, tropical animals, rainforests and other scaaary things like immigrant drug-variations called khat. Personaly I see it as a mini international country inside another, much like the Vatican City in Italy, we have our rules of dresscode, our own religion, own foreign policy… and I am the pope!  Check out some country-pictures from the royal balcony.

Rinkeby by day

Rinkeby by night

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