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Everyone, please have a quick look into our project. Tell all your friends and support us. God bless you.





Here is a 3 minute small clip i made showing our backyard… with a fantastic twist in the end =)

As Many of you know Taís is involved in Greenpeace and loving it. So I made a small video of their Sunday Activity out on the market in São paulo.

One hundred phone boots where given to one hundred artists from one of the leading telephone-companies Vivo . These boots are not used anymore and are normally trashed and jotted down. But since artists made their mark, no one wants to destroy these beautiful creation that garnishing the city of São Paulo. Here I posted some of my favorites, they can all be found and voted upon at :

I got one week left in this country, strange feeling I must say! Then it is of to Brazil where my new life will start. How does one spend this last week?! It is not like I am going to dissapear forever, but this feeling of doing as many  important things as possible has struck me before aswell. Strange I must sa. But I finaly got my swedish citizenship, so I am bound to come back in maybe seven years from now? Anyways it feels so good to leave, I am not going for the sake of leaving, but I am going for the sake of arriving… arriving to my girlfriend and whatever God has in-stored for me over there. Initially I will work as an English teacher as I have finished the TEFL course… this will be interesting, especially since my Portuguese could be better! Yes people there most people don’t speak English (God help!) An address and contact information will be available soon to all you who need it. Thanks for yet another year you old, free and mountainous North.

Hi people

Its been a while since I last posted anything here and by the looks of it my blog is loosing interest. So I guess this means I should get more active again… because I crave to be seen and liked by random people on the internet!!! Anyways a quick recap, since last time I have got a job, bought a cool cup, celebrated grandmother who was here visiting, started to read a John Grisham Novel, met Carola (the famous one, I am so kändiskåt… haha) and… did I say I bought a cup!  Well needless to say I have started what some people might refer to as “a real life” in contrast to my life as a volunteer which was not real!! … but ah sooo much better. People are already asking me… ‘So Bob how long are you going to stay here this time?’ and I gladly answer: For about a year, then I move to Brazil and let you rot here with your real miserable life’s!  Hahaaa! No, I am not that mean, just felt like letting that out of my system… gone.

Guys until next time… God bless you. And here is a picture of my hot-stuff-cup-that-I-like!


Teach English as a Foreign Language….!

With plans to go to Brasil or any other country for that matter, I have now signed up and started an english course so that I can work abroad…. aaah!

I am a bit nervous what I put myself into… but here I go.! It is supposed to take three months to complete and we will se where in the world this will lead. God help me!

Had a brazilian evening yesterday at my friends Krister and Resas house, where Marco from Brazil and his wife shared about their work among street children In Fortaleza. Felt humbled and inspired to hear about this struggle that shines with its hope. And obviously brazilian food was served… guess what I made… yeah!

Check out their home page at:



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