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Yeah, Sweden in the summer time rules man, A beautiful Brazilian wife in Sweden preparing dinner for her husbands…. also rules!!

outside dinner


Ladies and gents… from today Bob van den Eijkhof is a SWEDISH citizen (thank you, thank you)…. peace out yall. 

Hi guys, just wanted to update ya´ll on what is happening in my life by vlogging. But as the camera was on I realized there was not that much to say!

Gods Peace and rich Blessings.

Hi people

Its been a while since I last posted anything here and by the looks of it my blog is loosing interest. So I guess this means I should get more active again… because I crave to be seen and liked by random people on the internet!!! Anyways a quick recap, since last time I have got a job, bought a cool cup, celebrated grandmother who was here visiting, started to read a John Grisham Novel, met Carola (the famous one, I am so kändiskåt… haha) and… did I say I bought a cup!  Well needless to say I have started what some people might refer to as “a real life” in contrast to my life as a volunteer which was not real!! … but ah sooo much better. People are already asking me… ‘So Bob how long are you going to stay here this time?’ and I gladly answer: For about a year, then I move to Brazil and let you rot here with your real miserable life’s!  Hahaaa! No, I am not that mean, just felt like letting that out of my system… gone.

Guys until next time… God bless you. And here is a picture of my hot-stuff-cup-that-I-like!


Hey, guys. I forgot my glasses on the airport in Maputo when I left Mozambique, and I really thought I had a pair here in Sweden… but nope!. So I got these terrible ones. here are my new glasses, one for when I want to look like a total brat, and the other for all the other times =)

thanks bro, just found it and had to post it again!

Coming to the Caribbean I was feeling great… I thought, but as the evenings made themselves present so did the fever, head ache and vomiting. Obviously my superhero mind treated everything as a paper-scratch, to be forgotten and laughed at… because after all  Bob will always be fine!!

Just came back from the hospital recovering from the dengue fever (stupid name!), but by the grace of God, the blood of Christ and loads of  intravenous rehydration, I am feeling mush better. The hospital was crap, spent three days on a bed doing nothing at all! Longest days of my life!… and what have I learned? … well I am still pounding on that one…. Gah This blog just became quite serious, I never intended it to make me look like a fool and yet I cant write myself out of the fact that maybe I should tread with care from now on… hmm. Well to lighten everything up here is a stupid video I managed to make on my last day when I reacived my computer.

This is my bigger project from Mozambique. It is about a project made to help famer’s through teaching, giving material and helping them to sell their products. This 15 minute-documentary was my biggest project as it was translated into four different languages and I became responsible for the production, promotion and distribution of this movie… interested? … take a peek!

here is the final product tadaaa

I threw together some pictures and clips of this christmas with he absolute most amazing family every… God bless you guys, thanks for a great time here in sweden, tonight my flight leaves to lissabon again and by new year I will be back in Mozambique, peace and Gods blessings. -b

ps, apparently the movie must be seen from the youtube-homapage… so go go yo!

Leon Sabina and Myself went to town to celebrate at the city square the independence day of mozambique…. amazing man!

Holland is in the WORLD CUP FINALS!!!… in the biggest and most famous sport in the world… my home country is soooo good (great Bob, why do you not live there!…) Thanks to God and our neighbor here we are able to see the games, and man has it been exiting, the thrill that pumps through your brain as the Motherlands defeats its foes, and departs triumphantly from the theatre of war … this sounds like I am way beyond football… (only ignorant Americans still call it soccer)… Ok anyways on Sunday is the big Game against Spain, Oranje boven

Picture of us watching the game. The Koreans and Mozambiqueans are supporting me… obviously since I bribed them with the chocolate cake that’s on the table.

Last wednesday evening I went to the Palms (thats the families last name)… (yes its true!!) and played a good old game of Risk with some friends, well, least to say we got qiute into it all… and people it not about having fun! its all about winning.

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