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The Immortals…. yeah! saw it yesterday and it was awesomely bloody and aaah! Had a good time going out. Bas was visiting Stockholm this weekend for a project with his job and we took the opportunity to see body parts getting ripped of in the most astonishing way possible… in 3D!

And oh yeah… I posed together with the chipmunks… so mature!


Been home now in Sweden for about a month and one of the things that struck me is the information that targets me where ever I am in this enlightened society. Here the access to any information is not really a choice, you will get to know what happens on the other side of the world or even local boring business news whether you want or not… It’s all up in my face everywhere. Obviously today with the world in your pocket, (most Swedes have an advanced cell phone) a high symbolic capital involves having the latest updates from the most important happenings, hence if you know – you are in!

But let me tell you something opposite, I spent one year with no clue at all what happened outside the village I lived in (in Moҫambique). Spent two hours on the internet a week (if I was lucky) … just to check my mail! And it was such an ease not to know!

A paradise is a place of rest from stress and information! Awareness… yes,  it certainly is good, since it makes people do something…

Because remember, when you know, you also have a responsibility to act! (get of your butt!)… and many times when we don’t or can’t – it hurts … or? I mean here I sit with a big ass TV looking at starving children…

Ajajaj (not Spanish “jajaja!”) … I wont be staying in Sweden permanently, that for sure!

Peace out ya´ll

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