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It was about a month ago now, But here is a small video-thingy I cut together for dad.


You may wonder why I keep on writing about birthdays in my family… I mean Bob how big of a family do you have?! Well let’s just say that this particular family is sooo good! According to Guinness book of world records, the best one on the planet. Hence last Wednesday, the 28th of April was the birthday of the greatest mum ever, (we should make it into a international holiday, like Christmas and Easter, with special food and decorations for the house… and maybe some children songs and an embarrassing dance… And oh oh, a mascot!) So without going into any exaggerations, mamma Ans Happy birthday I wish you all the best, I am proud of you, I miss you and I love you.



As we say in Holland; Jeroen and everyone in the Eijkhof-clan-family around the world, congratulations. Here are a few chosen words for you my dear younger brother.

Jeroen, I’m fortunate and I’m glad, I got you for my brother.
Not that I had the choice, I couldn’t pick another.

As we observe your birthday now, the cake and gifts don’t matter much.
These common things aren’t really you, earthly pagan things and such.

You are more into holy things, like Iphones, computers and your wife,
Sandhyas chocolate muffins probably mean more to you than life!

Maybee God wants to surprice you with something new this year,
Beyond your wildest dreams, beyond the new coolest gear (if possible!)

May God bless you with gifts that completely blows your mind away
Happy birthday bro and have fantastic and blessed day


Yes, our dearest brothers daughter Mika had her birthday today turning one year. Obviously she got soooo spoiled by anyone who has ever met her and received the I-love-Mika-disease, to which there is no medicine. The ramifications for this virus is buying her a bunch of presents and doing anything in ones power to make her laugh… !!

We all love her =) Congratulations Bas and Linda and MIKA


Today the 11:th of Oktober its the birthday of Dad. Unfortunetely mum is in Holland, but non the less we celebrate it with some breakfest in bed…

…lookie looike.

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