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Hello everybody, Here is my families Newsletter, Just thought I would post it right here, for everyone to read, it is 2 weeks old so bare with me.

We just want to wish you a blessaed Christmas and a healthy and fruitfull New Year. That the peace of God will fill your heart, mind and soul and his nearness will be very evident in your live.These last months we were directed to Jesaja 61, were the Lord is comending us to bring good tidings to the poor, to heal the broken hearted, to set the captic free, and to bring the binded into the light.

This Fall Tjebbo and me have been from home quite a bit. New Life’s celgroup meetings, the preparation meetings for the coming Jesus Manifestation, speaking assignments ect. for Tjebbo, while Ans has been graduated for the RescueNet course, visited Sandhya, Jeroens’ fiancee, was working her hours in the hospital, took care of family bussenes and many other things.


Right now we are also in the preparations for our next Latvia trip. Tjebbo is leaving tomorrow to Latvia to do all the preparations for week 9. If you want to join, let us know.

But we are also looking forward to a family time next week, when Bas, Linda, Mika, Bob and Jeroen are staying with us for some days. Mika is winding everyone around her fingers, but we just love it!! Bas and Linda are doing great together, and a live full with new challenges.

Bob is working 75% as a substitude teacher. Also the worship team and the evenings with the homeless and outcasts are having a high prority in his life.

Jeroen has been in Portland with Sandhya for 2 weeks, which was a blessed time for both of them. He wants to get his’ Masters’ in the US and applied for a university close by, where he even good talk with one of the professors. They had a good conversation and he seems to be a good candidate for a scholarship.


Our Joy is still sick with malaria!! Fortunately it is not the one who effects the brain, but it was bad enough. This next 2 weeks she is using medication, to get rid of all the parasites and we pray for a quick healing and new strength. Last october she went to her first youth conference and quess what her favorit subject was……..“Intelligent Design!”

What is next:a

* Vonnie Michels, my american friend came for a visit. ….we talked for hours!

* 23-27 Dec. : Celebrating christmas with family and extanded family.

* 27 Dec.-3th Jan.:” Open cafe” in our church, for the ones who need a place to go to.

* 13 – 16 febr. The European Leaderships Conference of YWAM in Berlin, where Tjebbo will participate, which will be followed by a conference about working in cities with Kingdom principles.

For many of you this will be the first e-mail newsletter!

We hope you can see/ download the pictures as well. If there are any problems, please let us know.

Together for Jesus.


AH AH,  Swedish Idol is now finished… haven’t followed it at all but all I now is that the winner (whatever his name is) is truly a sissy, nerd, dork, wimp, weirdoooo… a tönt!  Have you ever heard him talk? Truth to be told he cant talk, hes like -eh-eh, and then whatever comes out of his mouth sounds like a 6 year old stupid girl. I mean if the people would be judged by other means than their song-voice, this baby would be made into a laughing stock. Alice the dame who came second,  is at least civilised and 400 percent more mature than the 6 year old sissy winner…..!  me bitter? nääää =)

Ajajaj Bob please don’t go there… (hehe)

Well honestly I have done the same thing by having a festival screaming out JESUS in the streets… you know proclaiming what I believe in…. reason? : To let people in Stockholm now there are many Christians out there who believe in a one true God. Why? because christian are in a minority and need to show themselves and express themselves to the whole country (or in christian terms “to the world” (ojojoj) and because it is a great fun feeling of freedom to let go of the fear of men and proclaim what you believe in!

Well maybe you get the ironic picture here.. the Pride-festival is exactly the same thing…  with the goal of normal acceptance, and making a point to hetero world out there! The question is what point are we making through these public announcements… that we are crazy people who like to shake and shout…? Or in the pride-f that gay/bi/tr people are over-promiscuous with weird clothing and anything but normal ?… honestly in both these cases it strikes me as the concepts don’t work in line with the goal! because it creates an even more twisted idea in peoples minds.

Christian… yes I am not stupid, I know there is a spiritual side to it as well as we pray for our country and call upon the Lords presence, Issues that make the whole Jesus-Manifestation valuable, important and worth it.

I am just questioning the in both the cases, maybe especially the Pride Festival since it is more meant to be a show, if the goal of trying to get people to think different is reached…. or counteracted.

Just Imagine us having a huge Hetero Festival with people of different gender making out everywhere to make a point…. wouldn’t that stride against the whole purpose?

am I wrong, right, yes, no.. ? bu eller bä?  tell me

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