Hi how are you… can I smell your butt, the way dogs get to know each other…. nice!!


Hi people, if anyone actually reads this!! I have not done anything here in like two years due to … I don’t really know actually, but yesterday I looked in the blog for the first time in… well you guessed it … two years. And I decided to give it a go again.


DSC03701This is what has happened since last time; 

– Moved back to sweden from Brazil

– got engaged

– got married

– got an apartment

– started working

– went back to Brazil for my vacatio and visited my extended family

– and yesterday my Wife Taís and me became godparent… 

Yay, so life is moving on.

Chao amigozinhos!!

Here is a 3 minute small clip i made showing our backyard… with a fantastic twist in the end =)

As Many of you know Taís is involved in Greenpeace and loving it. So I made a small video of their Sunday Activity out on the market in São paulo.

One hundred phone boots where given to one hundred artists from one of the leading telephone-companies Vivo . These boots are not used anymore and are normally trashed and jotted down. But since artists made their mark, no one wants to destroy these beautiful creation that garnishing the city of São Paulo. Here I posted some of my favorites, they can all be found and voted upon at : http://callparade.com.br/galeria-de-fotos/

After packing and repacking a couple of times, my bags are now stuffed and ready… think I am exaggerating? … well, my everything I own is in these three bags… yeah! så det så! tomorrow at three thirty the plain leaves. Excited like crazy!

I got one week left in this country, strange feeling I must say! Then it is of to Brazil where my new life will start. How does one spend this last week?! It is not like I am going to dissapear forever, but this feeling of doing as many  important things as possible has struck me before aswell. Strange I must sa. But I finaly got my swedish citizenship, so I am bound to come back in maybe seven years from now? Anyways it feels so good to leave, I am not going for the sake of leaving, but I am going for the sake of arriving… arriving to my girlfriend and whatever God has in-stored for me over there. Initially I will work as an English teacher as I have finished the TEFL course… this will be interesting, especially since my Portuguese could be better! Yes people there most people don’t speak English (God help!) An address and contact information will be available soon to all you who need it. Thanks for yet another year you old, free and mountainous North.

As a man I am ashamed of men’s request for prostitution. All other countries in the EU now accepts the buying of sex. Seriously, why are so few countries not taking the Swedish model into consideration. Criminalize the act of buying sex!! :

Who in their right mind doesn’t see the connection between prostitution and trafficking? Why do people want to cause so much pain for others?

Saw the movie “The Whistleblower” for about a week ago and my heart and mind was shocked of the sick ans twisted reality behind “Pretty woman” and any other effort to romanticize prostitution. Dont get me wrong. I am pointing fingers on the ones who pay for sex, the customers, because I know the the majority of the prostitutes themselves are forced into this for different reasons and should be viewed upon as the victims … AAAH! … At the end of the day people, the reality is about rape, abuse, beatings and so much hurt!

My little sister Joy receives the award for the smartest (and best , most beautiful and completely amazing) student in her class when finishing her first year of high-school studies.


To the most amazing mum in the world, you rock!

Ladies and gents… from today Bob van den Eijkhof is a SWEDISH citizen (thank you, thank you)…. peace out yall. 

Hi People, I haven’t been posting anything spectacular on a while and due to work, my making-movies-energy has run low. However for anyone who wonders I am going to MOVE …YEAHHHH! (Congratulations Bobby!… where to?… maybe a small apartment downtown?) No man, I am moving to Brasil… Yup, I am not kidding, my life will elevate to the next level and a woman is behind it all =) So yeah, compared to this nothing else will stand out as interesting and I will not share my burdens. However this kind of change needs a fantastic backup of prayers. So thanks for those!

God bless you people.

Ah, another awesome thing I want to try!, meu deus haha.

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