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All Icelanders Are Organ Donors.

So apparently Iceland made a law last year that everyone will donate their organs (when they die… otherwise it would be messy) unless they sign upp to say they dont want to… which is fantastic, because as it is now, you have to make the active choice to say yes… a thing people dont do because of the lack of knowledge on how to sign up, and lazyness. So Go Iceland, you rule!… And you are not so coldhearted as your name would sugest… the world should follow your example and bingbarraboom!

If you live in Sweden, donate your organs by going to

Bildresultat för ego trip

When was the last time I posted anything? like 4 or five years ago! Its just madly crazy! Just spend an entire evening reading old bloggish stuff, (because I needed an ego tripp) and came up with that this site used to be my presious trip of revealing who in the world I am and also share shallow-type filosofy, thought ideas, personal viewpoints, pictures, own made videos and things to be amazed by and laugh about… well dear people, look alive, because the journey is about to continue… BAM! in your face. You need this blogg and I need this blogg.

Today we where on Kungsträdgården and experienced a great demonstration against racism and for love!  Instead of filming all the classical shouting … like “no racists on our streets” I choose to film the more fun musical moments. (ps bad edited small film clips… haha) It surely was a great demonstration, however…


… you have idiots masked and dressed in black like this one (picture) who brings a bad name to everyone and are the cause that the police react like they do! … If I was a police i would mind “taking care of” these ugly obstacles that are in the way!! AAARGH so frustrated!


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