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It is a lot, white everywhere, amazingly beautifull, terrible, sparkling, and cold. As you can see I have some mixed feelings about it all, but hey, If we are having a winter, we might aswell have a the whole 100 percent of it… Well it is nice because I decide to stay inside today. Rather this than rain, wet-snow and blä (as we say in Sweden) Below is a small view from our living room to the balcony.



Who wouldn’t want to live in an awesome house by the sea.. well here you have it … accept the sea is right under you… and hey, no rave or jump parties at my house thank youCliff-House-a-nbsp-five-storey-house-clings-to-the-side-of-a


Thanks to a Japanese designer: Akihiro Mizuuchi there exists editable Lego. My prayers have been answered… haha, I could build like a bad-ass Pirate ship and then eat it! BAM!


Its time for the thingy-list YAAAY! A totally unimportant list with awesome and cool stuff that I probably will never get. So this time its guns!! because I am such a violent man … haha, or not!

1. A build it yourself toy for people who like 3d puzzles or for very anti-pedagogic parents who wants their toddlers to prepare themselves to become future soldiers.

2. A gun that … what the heck is this?!!

3. A soap-gun, for you who like to play war-games in the shower and clean you body with a weapon!

4. A gun you give for evil and stupid people who hate you… you give it to them and say “shoot me!”

5. A marshmallow blaster… aah I have no words, every mans dream!

6. Trick your neighbors that you want to shoot your dog, and then they come closer and see “-aaah, its not a real gun”, and you start to talk and become friends forever.

7. If aliens exists you can use this gun on them and blast them to pieces, but they don’t and so you will never see if this gun works or not!

Which one do you like the most?? I would probably go for number 5, because anyone who I shoot will love me!


Yeah, Sweden in the summer time rules man, A beautiful Brazilian wife in Sweden preparing dinner for her husbands…. also rules!!

outside dinner

One hundred phone boots where given to one hundred artists from one of the leading telephone-companies Vivo . These boots are not used anymore and are normally trashed and jotted down. But since artists made their mark, no one wants to destroy these beautiful creation that garnishing the city of São Paulo. Here I posted some of my favorites, they can all be found and voted upon at :

To the most amazing mum in the world, you rock!

Yesterday Jordana and Suppe Got married… yay! Joy and me headed over there to see their beautiful faces, celebrate with them, dance and Stuff our selves with  wedding-delights. Thank you guys for an amzing day. It was truly beautifull and I wish you the best.


Yo, whats up people. Was a long time ago since I updated my strange and funny stuff pics. Here are a set of great chairs that I don’t know if I would ever have in my house!

First of the living chair that is missing a ball!

Then we got the hoodie chair which is just useless but cool.

How about the screw-chair… oooo

Check out the inception chair… woow

Or these two confusing chairs… which only purpose is to give you head aches and to sit on.

If you are into recycling and simply have like 2000 used straws laying around, or 50 cloth.hangers you dont use… well here you go!

And last but not least for today is for all you who are so jealus of these amazing pieces of furniture and you actually would want to be a chair…. or you are at a costume party and you want the beautiful girl in the room to sit on you!!!… here you go

In a country which provides one of the worlds best tap water… Swedes drink 148 million liters of bottled water per year – and something that is almost free has become a billion dollar industry. Bottled water which is marketed as healthy and environmentally friendly, has been shown to contain more bacteria than tap water – and the movement of water destroys the environment.

I Like to compare this… with buying stones… yes, put them in a nice package and sell them as a game!!   … stupiiiid

haha, or lets buy a stick and a leaf… because we are so stupiiiid, haha

common Sweden, get a grip!

After many visits to countries that are not as privileged as yours and mine, I have always said that poverty and joy does not have anything to do with each other. I have seen and experienced an embracing life spirit, a profound joy and the most genuine smiles from people who don’t have anything, people who hope for at least one meal for the day, people whose dreams are limited and people who stopped dreaming… there in the midst of these we westerners are the students and they are they examples.

Here is an interesting sketch that somebody made describing this. [click on it to see bigger]

The only things is that I don’t believe people are ever “satisfied” with what they have, but being happy surely does not require the materialism this world offers.

Hey, guys. I forgot my glasses on the airport in Maputo when I left Mozambique, and I really thought I had a pair here in Sweden… but nope!. So I got these terrible ones. here are my new glasses, one for when I want to look like a total brat, and the other for all the other times =)

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