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As a man I am ashamed of men’s request for prostitution. All other countries in the EU now accepts the buying of sex. Seriously, why are so few countries not taking the Swedish model into consideration. Criminalize the act of buying sex!! :

Who in their right mind doesn’t see the connection between prostitution and trafficking? Why do people want to cause so much pain for others?

Saw the movie “The Whistleblower” for about a week ago and my heart and mind was shocked of the sick ans twisted reality behind “Pretty woman” and any other effort to romanticize prostitution. Dont get me wrong. I am pointing fingers on the ones who pay for sex, the customers, because I know the the majority of the prostitutes themselves are forced into this for different reasons and should be viewed upon as the victims … AAAH! … At the end of the day people, the reality is about rape, abuse, beatings and so much hurt!

In a country which provides one of the worlds best tap water… Swedes drink 148 million liters of bottled water per year – and something that is almost free has become a billion dollar industry. Bottled water which is marketed as healthy and environmentally friendly, has been shown to contain more bacteria than tap water – and the movement of water destroys the environment.

I Like to compare this… with buying stones… yes, put them in a nice package and sell them as a game!!   … stupiiiid

haha, or lets buy a stick and a leaf… because we are so stupiiiid, haha

common Sweden, get a grip!

After many visits to countries that are not as privileged as yours and mine, I have always said that poverty and joy does not have anything to do with each other. I have seen and experienced an embracing life spirit, a profound joy and the most genuine smiles from people who don’t have anything, people who hope for at least one meal for the day, people whose dreams are limited and people who stopped dreaming… there in the midst of these we westerners are the students and they are they examples.

Here is an interesting sketch that somebody made describing this. [click on it to see bigger]

The only things is that I don’t believe people are ever “satisfied” with what they have, but being happy surely does not require the materialism this world offers.

Attended my first funeral last week, where we celebrated and remembered a significant past life and mourned the loss. It strikes me as remarkable that a few people only met this woman (who passed away) a couple of times and yet she made a profound impact in their life… how? Well

this might sound a bit too soft, but she did this simply by her smiles, hugs, and a genuine care for people around her. What you are is many times contagious, it doesn’t take all that much. Rest in Peace Iris Johansson and thank you for you.

Been home now in Sweden for about a month and one of the things that struck me is the information that targets me where ever I am in this enlightened society. Here the access to any information is not really a choice, you will get to know what happens on the other side of the world or even local boring business news whether you want or not… It’s all up in my face everywhere. Obviously today with the world in your pocket, (most Swedes have an advanced cell phone) a high symbolic capital involves having the latest updates from the most important happenings, hence if you know – you are in!

But let me tell you something opposite, I spent one year with no clue at all what happened outside the village I lived in (in Moҫambique). Spent two hours on the internet a week (if I was lucky) … just to check my mail! And it was such an ease not to know!

A paradise is a place of rest from stress and information! Awareness… yes,  it certainly is good, since it makes people do something…

Because remember, when you know, you also have a responsibility to act! (get of your butt!)… and many times when we don’t or can’t – it hurts … or? I mean here I sit with a big ass TV looking at starving children…

Ajajaj (not Spanish “jajaja!”) … I wont be staying in Sweden permanently, that for sure!

Peace out ya´ll

These last couple of months has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, as I have been required to journey from one world to a different one… twice. First from my home in Mozambique, leaving friends and an amazing place behind me… in order to go to St Vincent. There again I met the most amazing like-minded people I came to love, just to say goodbye two months later as I am now in Sweden. Nossa! Where is the good in goodbye huh! Anyways as I have come to learn, change is often followed by hardship… and hardship creates men.

Will I ever arrive to a place of security and satisfaction… Nah! Hence, not even planning to build on these. I guess I was gifted with a restless soul, not being able to settle down! With God in the lead (my life-philosophy at the moment, seriously listen to the lyrics!) I will follow my heart wherever this might take me, praying God will prepare the way so that I can give him all the credit. Or as the song goes

“…Cuz if I do this by myself I’m scared that I’ll succeed. 
And no longer trust in You, cuz I only trust in me.
And see, that’s how you end up headed to destruction.
Paving a road to nowhere. Pour your life out for nothing…”

So have some goals set up and I´ll go from there. Peace out… and I´ll see you later

Easter Primary: Jesus died and rose again and because of this humanity is saved, this message doesn’t need any more explanation or poetic structure to it… its clear and amazing! Amen.

Easter secondary: businesses and companies have taught us that eggs and bunnies also have something to do with easter… so that we will buy and eat chocolate!!! … which is fine by me, since I like chocolate! hehe

So, Happy easter to you all from Sweden (aaah)

Maybe I should create support groups for addicts, but include small insignificant fee… I would become a millionaire at once!

What is an addiction if not something you cant be without! This picture made me think, – wow I got to get my priorities right! … But then again, its just me!!!

After a minute into this video Bono starts preaching…

…among other things he says: “No matter if you belive or not God is with the poor”

wodospady_09¿A dónde podría alejarme de tu Espíritu?¿A dónde podría huir de tu presencia? o me estableciera en los extremos del mar, aun allí tu mano me guiaría, ¡me sostendría tu mano derecha!


Where can I go from your Spirit?
Where can I flee from your presence?

if I settle on the far side of the sea,

even there your hand will guide me,
your right hand will hold me fast.

Ok, No offence to many of you out there. But as Obama tries to reform the mbarack_obama_69edical welfare system people protest because they don’t want to help others then them selves!!, let me elaborate… In a debate yesterday in Wheeling, West Virginia. A woman carefully asked if they please could hurry up with the reform so that her daughter could be helped with her rheumatism since at the moment there was no way of paying for it. The response came quick… A man in a shirt stood up and said loud and clear: why should I pay for your daughter? Well there you have it people, the actual American reason for protesting against the reform… The product of a Supercapitalistic society. As soon as ones tax money helps other people people shout out Communism and Socialism as if they knew the meaning of these words!… is equality for all wrong? I call it Welfare. In Sweden we have a higher tax which everyone is willing to pay because we care for the less fortunate in our nation… as a matter of fact we have the best welfare in the world because of this… are we Communists now suddenly.. No definitely not! Maybee Obama sees the countries with the best welfare in the world and believes America has something to learn… who knows!

SqHZoTWKZ7bv1jmfl7KLdMJB_500Yesterday when leaving for the train I found myself answering my friend  “No, I am not in a hurry ’cause I don’t know what time it is!”

hehe, After 10 seconds I realized what I just said and thought hey, that is just so confusingly true! Yet again I found out ignorance can surely be a bless.

So latest from the world of football is that several people have kicked from the Iranian football team for life merely because they showed their support for Hossein Mousavi and the green revolution by wearing green wristbands in their game against South Korea. Some say football and politics don’t go together, I say everything is politics, espesially football! The fact that the Fifa world cup unites the planet in a huge sport event next year in South Africa is so much politics. The country has to think of their reputation before this event could ever occur… So did China last year when they hosted the Olympic Games … unfortunately they totally blew it because of what happened in Tibet. Just wish every football player representing a country could wear green just to show the Iranian people that they are not alone in their struggle… and to show their leaders that they suck big time… yes they suck! sucksucksuck … suck!3006170187

Now interesting enough Fifa have contacted the opposition in Iran to ask what the heck is going on… as the rest of us asks… GO FIFA =) I mean what is next … maybe Ahmadinejad will forbid football totally because the grass they play happens to be green… yeah then he will issue a law killing all green frogs and forbid people from eating salad. ajajaj!!

The election in Iran has taken my attention totally these last days. There was such a big hope, feast and joy as millions of people went to vote and fulfill their democratic right a couple of days ago, but it has all turned into a chaos by people feeling they have the right to beat down others of different opinion.. others who peacefully demonstrated against what they believe has been has been a rigged election. My thoughts go to all you in Iran who believe and hope for a more free and liberal country where people actually can choose the path of their own life for them selves and not have it forced upon them. I am going to wear green tomorrow and these coming days to show my support for your people and Hossein Mousavi.


Although it is possible that the greater majority of people who after all are not educated, not living in the big cities and are far from liberal voted for Ahmadinejad and thereby made his victory… lets not forget this man denies the holocaust, speaks of a total destruction of Israel, and has kept his country closed from the outer world. This once great nation sure needs some kind of revolution to get back on its feet… something this election no matter the outcome sure has started.

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