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When in Nacala Mozambique I bought a whole bunch of posters. We met the artist and I asked him to portray the life around the sea, the result was as you can see amazing. The hard thing though was that in order to transport these back to Sweden I had to take the posters of from their original wooden frame. So Yesterday I finally made a new frame. YAAAY!

This is my bigger project from Mozambique. It is about a project made to help famer’s through teaching, giving material and helping them to sell their products. This 15 minute-documentary was my biggest project as it was translated into four different languages and I became responsible for the production, promotion and distribution of this movie… interested? … take a peek!

here is the final product tadaaa

Had a great time in Sweden and came back safe and sound to the nation of Mozambique.

Right now I got around three weeks left of suffering in the heat, at the beach and consuming the multitudes of fruit all the time. My last movie projects are being finished and I have handed out around 200 pictures to different people around here that I had developed while in Sweden. Around the house we have planted watermelons and they are growing quickly, unfortunately I won’t see them become adults and eatable, but just being able to grow these babies right by the house is still pretty nice. I am going to miss Mozambique. I have really got good relations with all the teachers and staff the children around in the community, the students, even the fishermen down at the beach and obviously the other DI:s (volunteers) who live in the same house as me.. it’s become a home!.  The seventeenth my flight leaves from Johannes burg in South Africa in order to go back to St Vincent, there I will meet new volunteers who are going to work at the same place I am … wow, from one beautiful God-made place to another…! Yeah, well Stockholm is also God-made, but different, you know! Like “God-made-without-any-beach-kind-of-God-made”!

Anyway coming home to Sweden in the middle of april … Até Logo

We went for a small visit to the cashew nut factory…. mmm so nice.

Leon Sabina and Myself went to town to celebrate at the city square the independence day of mozambique…. amazing man!

Yeah baby!! here are Some musicvideos I made for the students and visitors, when not working I just hang out with the people over there and do whatever comes  to mind

A small video/ picture -slide showing how we organized a special graduation for the kids of the Child aid project

Here you can see our small visit to the Island of Mozambique… YAY!

Here is the first small movie – presentation I made. It is a presentation of three children how they live, their likes and dreams. Peace out.

Hi Internet!..(When people write in their diary they write “dear diary” which sounds a bit unintelligent… So, me writing “Hi Internet” aint that bad if you compare!… its not like I am going to ask the internet to join me for a cup of coffee later on!) Its about two weeks left until I fly back to Suecia for Christmas. And although I am returning I still get this going-away-feeling that suddenly makes you appreciate the place a bit more than usual. The 16th of February… around lunchtime I will arrive in Arlanda airport… wow, I can’t even imagine hearing people around me speaking Swedish, For sure, its going to be wonderful coming home. See you guys in 2 weeks. /Bob

[pic]My hair is a mess!

[pic]And here is Leons birthday present to me… a nice drawing.

Last Monday Leon left Muzuane and at the moment I am the only DI (volunteer) over here. Got a big house and huge beach all to myself and AH sooo boring! Miss you Leon and wish you all the best. Right now my project leader decided to go for a holiday to Brazil, the students finished their exams and are coming back in December for graduation and I am finishing some presentation-movies for this school… which at the moment is quite empty.


Yes… as you might have heard this is my main job, making small movies. But don’t be fooled, I am simply an amateur not a Spielberg or a Bas, so when putting things up on YouTube (hopefully this Christmas) don’t expect too much. (Ha ha, bob, don’t you have any confidence?!)… Well, you have to see for yourselves (OOO)


Anyways here is a pic of Leon and me… miss you man and.. Kamsamida

Yesterday I had the privilage of being at iris ministries a whole day, finaly got my heart broken through a time of worship, testimonies, teching… and more worship… wow, New life I miss you! Thanks to Danielle Wallander who is going through a trainnig school there and put in a good word for me, I spent a great day there, also hanging with other students from all over the world. Right now I am in Pemba, but I have to leave tomorow back to my home… Muzuane, Nacala Porto… I miss that home aswell now


Here is a picture of Daniella and me… we went out a group of people eating pizza, talking about Ywam (its a a small world!), Mozambique and why in the world we didnt get our food untill 2 hours later!

Mango season is upon Moçambique and man are we eating mangos! The availability of fruit and vegetables is more natural here, meaning things are only available in the market when they are in season… so lastmonth oranges where still growing but not anymore and so now they can’t be found. However fortunately there is always something nice and sweet in season for Bob to put his teeth in to. (Bob, do you often refer to yourself in third person?!?)  (… I don’t know do I ?) (Bob do you often write things in brackets?) (You tell me… I don’t think so!) Over here the Local Langue is Makua, and right now I have a Makuan name: Makaliha (meaning helper) funny because when I did my DTS in South Africa I got a name with the same significance: Ntedo.
Anyways I have been away from Sweden now for around 14
months and there are some things I haven’t had or done in
over a year. Like: Taking a hot shower, eating a bulle or
wearing jeans… but then again I haven’t spent a week without
going to the beach, enjoying the sun, seen a palm tree and
eating fresh fruit so It’s all good in the hood. By the way
I owned one single sweater and I gave it away, so Mum… for
Christmas please bring some warm clothes to the airport when
you pick me up.
About 30 minutes ago I met Danielle Wallander at Iris
ministries… I came a bit unnoticed and we decided to go for
Pizza later tonight… will be fun just to speak some Swedish
and hang out … and hey it was nine months ago since I last had
pizza… =) Tomorrow we will maybe go for the beach here in Pemba
which is said to be the third most beautiful in the world… on the
planet, in the Universe… me, here wow!
Até logo (see you later)


Here is a picture of my friends as we where on “the island of mozambique”

Bom Dia Suecia…I am right now in a place where it is actually possible to upload som photos… so…


first of all… the view from our house


And here is My friend sabino and myself


My korean friends Leon and Min Yong


haha, Who is your boss?


a boy down from the beach with the latest catch

Thats all for now folks… até logo… até Natal

A new chapter is commencing as close friends has left, new ones are coming, the country of Moçambique is getting hotter and sweatier , old movie projects are over and I am starting new ones and… I just turned 29 years ooold…! I am also mentally preparing for my short but amazing Christmas-visit back to Sweden…

So what has happened the last weeks Wow… my phone and camera got stolen, I have seen lots monkeys, Killer whales and more snakes, I experienced a car-crash on the highway with two goats… I am enjoying barbeques on the beach at night time (which by the way doesn’t have anything to do with the dead goats!), I am learning to enjoy disgusting food called Shima and matapa, I have visited a cashew-nut-factory in Itukulu.. and well a lot of everyday things that is a part of the Mozambique experience… mmm


Here is a picture of my fellow DI:s (voluenters)… most of them have allready left me, but I remember you guys.

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