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Te amo!

Me mixing my love for my wife aaaand….  after effects =)



Joy tar studenten… Yay, love you sis!

Marios bachelor party … YAY!!


Hi how are you… can I smell your butt, the way dogs get to know each other…. nice!!

Here is a 3 minute small clip i made showing our backyard… with a fantastic twist in the end =)

As Many of you know Taís is involved in Greenpeace and loving it. So I made a small video of their Sunday Activity out on the market in São paulo.

Ah, another awesome thing I want to try!, meu deus haha.

Hey People, Yesterday I was visiting Marient to check out his fabulous pizza-making-skills and maybe pick up a thing or two, this is how it turned out… (that mean watch the video!)

Hi guys, just wanted to update ya´ll on what is happening in my life by vlogging. But as the camera was on I realized there was not that much to say!

Gods Peace and rich Blessings.

It was about a month ago now, But here is a small video-thingy I cut together for dad.

A human slingshot!   wow… it like bungee jump, but sideways… I have to get myself one of these =)

My love for heights and jumping into water is not something new, the feeling, the freedom-sence, the thrill and the risk…ah I want!

Hi guys, here is my first try working with adobe after effects C4. I got a more powerful computer now and manage to use more powerful programs such as this one. Obviously this is just my first of many small movies and hopefully they will get better as well. Sensitive people, please be aware… the contents of this is somewhat.. AWESOME!!  haha, check it out.


(ok Bob, after seeing this movie I wonder…. how old are you again?)  hahaaa

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