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What else is there to say! This will surely go down the history books of victorious days. The people fighting for their freedom succeeded and a conflict has come to an end with the good guys standing as the winners! I can not even begin to imagine the joy Libyans must feel all around the world. All I can say is congratulations and may you be an example for other freedom fighters all around the world who go against their suppressors.  The time ahead will be difficult, but today we celebrate! The rest of the world rejoices with you guys. God bless, amen


Hi people

Its been a while since I last posted anything here and by the looks of it my blog is loosing interest. So I guess this means I should get more active again… because I crave to be seen and liked by random people on the internet!!! Anyways a quick recap, since last time I have got a job, bought a cool cup, celebrated grandmother who was here visiting, started to read a John Grisham Novel, met Carola (the famous one, I am so kändiskåt… haha) and… did I say I bought a cup!  Well needless to say I have started what some people might refer to as “a real life” in contrast to my life as a volunteer which was not real!! … but ah sooo much better. People are already asking me… ‘So Bob how long are you going to stay here this time?’ and I gladly answer: For about a year, then I move to Brazil and let you rot here with your real miserable life’s!  Hahaaa! No, I am not that mean, just felt like letting that out of my system… gone.

Guys until next time… God bless you. And here is a picture of my hot-stuff-cup-that-I-like!


When in Nacala Mozambique I bought a whole bunch of posters. We met the artist and I asked him to portray the life around the sea, the result was as you can see amazing. The hard thing though was that in order to transport these back to Sweden I had to take the posters of from their original wooden frame. So Yesterday I finally made a new frame. YAAAY!

Well people, it has been a long time ago since i posted anything here. It probably has to do with the fact that my life here in Suécia is pretty frozen. There are no battles to fight, no mountains to conquer, no glorious victories that fills this vessel with pride and accomplishment,  not even carnivals to enjoy! … Life here is easy and nice like a non-dramatic reality show and I am a wreck-less Batmobile with an engine problem! Soon however I will finally start working and earning money which feels nice after roughly 2 years without any income. I am doing fine here in Sweden and so is my Brazilian love who is still in St Vincent… mmm!

The other day My sister (Joy) and me went out picking blue berries. After, she made something so amazing! Let me just say that the place serving food in heaven better add this to their menu or I will consider changing religion! Just imagine… take blue berries, cheese cake and muffins … then mix these delights together and you will get… Blue-berry-cheesecake-muffins (is this even possible!?)… aaaah. Joy you are undoubtedly my favorite sister.

Just saw the epic amazing movie, …Gladiator and obviously thought of another Maximus (Brothers son)… a little bit smaller to the size but a greater one in spirit and strength!  YEAH!

Teach English as a Foreign Language….!

With plans to go to Brasil or any other country for that matter, I have now signed up and started an english course so that I can work abroad…. aaah!

I am a bit nervous what I put myself into… but here I go.! It is supposed to take three months to complete and we will se where in the world this will lead. God help me!

aaah, just this title makes me happy, getting filled with joy,  and hope for peace, is there an end to this war? does this mark a new peaceful beginning? All is yet to see, there are no winners and no losers to these conflicts. If war breeds war, then hopefully peace breeds peace! Most probably this decision has alternate reasons, but it still is a step in the right direction. Again “The Big Picture” provides us with breathless taking pictures, showing not only the  positive point of views, but a more wide perspective.

Attended my first funeral last week, where we celebrated and remembered a significant past life and mourned the loss. It strikes me as remarkable that a few people only met this woman (who passed away) a couple of times and yet she made a profound impact in their life… how? Well

this might sound a bit too soft, but she did this simply by her smiles, hugs, and a genuine care for people around her. What you are is many times contagious, it doesn’t take all that much. Rest in Peace Iris Johansson and thank you for you.

Yesterday My sister Joy graduated from Secondary school… (Swedish 9:an) Finaly after nine years in the same school! A nice traditional ceremony followed by a crazy lunch was organised by the teachers. For now it is summervacation. Congratulations joy . -brother B, love you


Had a brazilian evening yesterday at my friends Krister and Resas house, where Marco from Brazil and his wife shared about their work among street children In Fortaleza. Felt humbled and inspired to hear about this struggle that shines with its hope. And obviously brazilian food was served… guess what I made… yeah!

Check out their home page at:



Jeroen, my younger (have to point that out!) brother just graduated from Washington University and will work as an amazing computer-something.

Am so proud of you brother, in a far away place you have managed to settle down, got a God-fearing wife, an amazing education, cool job and a car!! haha Jeroen, your passion for your interests has always been contagious and I love it every time you share your new ideas (even though I might understand 40% of what you are talking about.)

I believe this coming job will be a stepping stone for something even greater and that the fact that it pays will never be your first priority… we Eijkhofs got higher ambitions than merely money… We reach to places we can not conquer by ourselves, but require a hand from above… that’s how we roll! haha

Älskar dig brorsan

Bas (my older brother) wrote “Our son maximus saw daylight yesterday! The little warrior weighted 4166 grams and was 53 cm tall. We are all doing well now and recovering from a victorious delivery. Much love. Bas and Linda”

I am a happy uncle for the second time, and am planning a visit to Göteborg… Go Eijkhofs, … GO God!

Hey, guys. I forgot my glasses on the airport in Maputo when I left Mozambique, and I really thought I had a pair here in Sweden… but nope!. So I got these terrible ones. here are my new glasses, one for when I want to look like a total brat, and the other for all the other times =)

Universally on the news this morning: Osama bin Laden dead! Everybody cries out for verification, at least some pictures and rumor has it that it will come. But even so, he was the reason The US was in Afghanistan, Pakistan and who knows where else! Does this imply an end to war…  the troops will return… and then the US won’t spend all that money on their military… and then Obama will become a hero for saving their economy…  Ah its all good!

No al quaida is still there and its only the end of a symbolic figure who didn’t manage to do much at all these last years.Although I don’t think this will lead to “peace at last”, I surely hope it would!

It only took the US 10 years… only cost about 100.000+ civilian lives…  only cost the US 1.291 BILLION US $… and I don’t know how many soldier casualties, how much collateral damage, how much political conflict.. etc! but it is now done!… or?

I will only celebrate death I would if it ment bringing life, which is yet to see.

These last couple of months has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, as I have been required to journey from one world to a different one… twice. First from my home in Mozambique, leaving friends and an amazing place behind me… in order to go to St Vincent. There again I met the most amazing like-minded people I came to love, just to say goodbye two months later as I am now in Sweden. Nossa! Where is the good in goodbye huh! Anyways as I have come to learn, change is often followed by hardship… and hardship creates men.

Will I ever arrive to a place of security and satisfaction… Nah! Hence, not even planning to build on these. I guess I was gifted with a restless soul, not being able to settle down! With God in the lead (my life-philosophy at the moment, seriously listen to the lyrics!) I will follow my heart wherever this might take me, praying God will prepare the way so that I can give him all the credit. Or as the song goes

“…Cuz if I do this by myself I’m scared that I’ll succeed. 
And no longer trust in You, cuz I only trust in me.
And see, that’s how you end up headed to destruction.
Paving a road to nowhere. Pour your life out for nothing…”

So have some goals set up and I´ll go from there. Peace out… and I´ll see you later

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