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Its time for the thingy-list YAAAY! A totally unimportant list with awesome and cool stuff that I probably will never get. So this time its guns!! because I am such a violent man … haha, or not!

1. A build it yourself toy for people who like 3d puzzles or for very anti-pedagogic parents who wants their toddlers to prepare themselves to become future soldiers.

2. A gun that … what the heck is this?!!

3. A soap-gun, for you who like to play war-games in the shower and clean you body with a weapon!

4. A gun you give for evil and stupid people who hate you… you give it to them and say “shoot me!”

5. A marshmallow blaster… aah I have no words, every mans dream!

6. Trick your neighbors that you want to shoot your dog, and then they come closer and see “-aaah, its not a real gun”, and you start to talk and become friends forever.

7. If aliens exists you can use this gun on them and blast them to pieces, but they don’t and so you will never see if this gun works or not!

Which one do you like the most?? I would probably go for number 5, because anyone who I shoot will love me!



Yo, whats up people. Was a long time ago since I updated my strange and funny stuff pics. Here are a set of great chairs that I don’t know if I would ever have in my house!

First of the living chair that is missing a ball!

Then we got the hoodie chair which is just useless but cool.

How about the screw-chair… oooo

Check out the inception chair… woow

Or these two confusing chairs… which only purpose is to give you head aches and to sit on.

If you are into recycling and simply have like 2000 used straws laying around, or 50 cloth.hangers you dont use… well here you go!

And last but not least for today is for all you who are so jealus of these amazing pieces of furniture and you actually would want to be a chair…. or you are at a costume party and you want the beautiful girl in the room to sit on you!!!… here you go

Todays favo-time has to do with the delicious delight of chocolate.

1. First of we have chocolate dominoes… A game where you have to rid of all your domino bricks, I would win easily! =)

2. If a hard-core realist would buy a valentines present, this would probably be it, Ladies and gets a chocolate heart… how romantic!

3. Feeling hungry when on the computer, try eating one of those useless keys we never use like > and ¤ … from this God-made chocolate keyboard

4. While we are in the subject of computer utilities, if you eat up your keyboard, you might aswell have the mouse for desert!… a chocolate mouse. 

5. A chocolate calculator, for people who likes to eat their problems!

6. My personal favorite, a gun, ammo and a hand-grenade … a bang bang chocolate experience, you can shoot yourself with joy, or blow up your friends for their birthday!

7. Last but not least, Jesus… his face in chocolate! Oh taste and see that the lord is good. Here is a chocolate jesus-article if you want!

Did you know that the word “chocoholic” exist!! just saying… it does!

Which cup would you choose as your favorite one?

OK, since I got some internet these days I have managed to throw together another favorite part… which of these amazing cakes would you like the most?

Personally I like the first one, the wedding cake where the bride is the cake!… At my wedding I would like my brides wedding-clothes to be the cake … It would create some awkward moments, like when the guests wants to eat some cake! But imagine all the great one-liners like, “you are so sweet tonight darling” or “I could just eat you baby!” eeeh

Which one do you like most?  Vote in the poll under the pictures

Ok it was a while ago since I last posted a favorite choice kinda thing. Anyways which one of these is you favorite Fuss-Ball-table?…


Wow, Bob it has been such a long time ago since you put in something to vote on… yeah I know, that is why I am satisfying your need right now!.

Vote for your favorite lamp…. again!

Selfillumination_by_Kutsche1. Yet another great lampperson

SqHZoTWKZ7j3vrogTiHmjdfS_4002. Ah its a hang-lamp, how qute!

SqHZoTWKZ40xetl038LF52Nc_5003. Cool lamp that looks like ist sunk into the table!

SqHZoTWKZf9omq5qJXWDuEcRo1_5004. Good morning lamp which opens up when its time to get out of bed.

SqHZoTWKZfaw7a12WFwqOGiWo1_5005. The fatso!

SqHZoTWKZfrue5hoiDefLfOFo1_5006. A real hotdog!

SqHZoTWKZgsvx6mikgppOLfyo1_5007. The shy teddy bear lamp.

SqHZoTWKZmtor9ucLPDpX9EXo1_5008. Its a cup of tea… No ita a lamp… No its both.. Ah, confusing!

square-29. Last but not least this handy lamp which you can put on any table.. like!

Before I leave to St Vincent I will need a laptop… but What kind of Laptop is the best kind?

1. Maybe I will buy a very stirdy old computer… but still quite classic in a sherlock Holmes – kind of way!!


2. Or maybee a flashy Apple Ibook all made out of Gold and Diamonds!


3. If I buy a perfume-computer that makes me smell neat by spraying me. I can impress women into liking me a lot! … or at least think they like me because I smell appealingly!


4. … after that…  I have a present for her… an all-makeup-laptop… she will love me for sure!


5. . Then there are those with screens that you don’t have to gaze down upon but are more in level with your headio.. yo! What about this shine silver model?


6. Or a moore nicer lappy made for Mommy’s who needs baby speakers… ?


7. Personally I am a game fan and wouldn’t mind a bit bigger screen, I mean all these laptops are so midgety, puny, tiny, I like BIG!


8.  Then If I would like to save some space… I would obviously use the roller-computer…. yeah I’ll buy hundreds and cover the walls with ’emHP2

9. Then why not just bring a nice pillow that reminds me of a laptop… yeah!. In that way I can seem nerdy while actually being exhausted!


Which one do you think I should get? … (not that I will actually get one these ones, because I neither have the money nor the erge to listen to what you think I should have) …. but maybe your small opinion will at least make me consider to fantasize about one specific LAPTOP.


Time has come to vote for your favorite thing again. This time we will check out some lamps … vote for your favorite.

1. First out we have the Chocolate Lamp, It looks just as if melted chocolate if running down… mmm ! The all time women favorite.


2. Then in the second picture we have the Ilamp… no its not an Ipod or an Iphone maybe its an Isnake… no Its an I-Lamp… pretty amazing.


3. This next one, Is more of a plumber -Lamp. Would be fun having this thing… but maybe not on the fancy desk, its more of a garage-lamp I suppose!


4. Here is the vegetarian green lamp. Not that the others are made out of meat, but this is merely more green, perhaps I have misunderstood this whole vegetarian issue who knows! Anyways this will give a more outside lamp-post-feeling and who doesn’t want that in the living room?!


5. This is an amazing light, whitch casts a shadow in the image of flying birds  and a tree with birds on it. Merely the Idea is cool whitch is why it has the privilege to be on the favorite list on my prestigious blog!


6. This last one is my personal favorite! Its a lamp made like a little dude trying to get of the wall by pulling the plug, I almost feel sorry for him. But by pulling the plug wouldn’t that be suicide here?



Here ladies and gentlemen, we have a bunch of chairs just dying to get voted for. As my favorite is obvious, all have their own personality. Number three for instance is a bit feminine while the last chair is disgustingly manly. Then we have the quite practical numero five and the opposite: four! Number seven probably makes you think what the **** in opposition to the first chair just being a nice chair !!

Judge for yourselves.



So sitting here and dont have anything special too write about so I thought I might aswell add another “your favorite” -thingy.  And you just hang in there because I have moore weird favorite choices comming up! And no, the title there has nothing to do with mooning, (i guess that is all that is on your mind!!) but you know the moon, real moon!  =)


Ok, I know the whole Obama hysteria has passed away and he has finally become the president and all but let us remember him once more by bringing up the shoes that has been made in his name… a funny thing per say, I would by all means not mind at all having a pair of Obama sneakers.  So its time for “your favorite choice” round three… Which of these Obama shoes do you like the most?


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