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… and oh yeah, Soon I will be traveling to Mozambique… aaah, crazy!

Anyways found these small clips and you just gotta see them.

First of we have a clip from guys jumping of a four-story building right into a pile of snow … AWESOME, Man I wish I was there!

Then we have a great Snickers commercial… love it!


And last but not least… there is a new game out called “Bob came in pieces“… hmmm, obviously I take it as a sign! I just had to get this game, what if it has like a secret message hidden in level three under a tree explaining what will happen to me and who I will marry!


Stupid weird, fun, cute, Yaiks… there are a lot of words to describe this fun little commercial

I cant believe it, there is actually a stick-thingy out on the market that holds your toilet paper for you so you can wipe you shingeling… because holding toiletpaper is aparently discusting!! Tell this to the people who just use their hands =)

Yes it came 2002 and was the new Microsoft Word… didnt make it to Sweden though!


hehe…Ā  “write letterz n shit yo.”

Can advertising be too affective? Well see this and judge for your self.


A lifesaving jacket that does miracles… wear it and then be in it!

Vessel can be transformed a coat, a bag and a tent! This Vessel Coat Tent by Justin Gargasz. Vessel is a medium weight reversible jacket that can expand into a cocoon or collapse into sling bag. “Used when ever one feels the need to escape interactions in their present environment.”

hehe… Norwegian commercial… awesome!

Wrong game!

Comercial for dutch online-site

Its not fair to play Golf with Darth Vader!!

A great commercial from Discovery

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