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Joy tar studenten… Yay, love you sis!


Today we where on Kungsträdgården and experienced a great demonstration against racism and for love!  Instead of filming all the classical shouting … like “no racists on our streets” I choose to film the more fun musical moments. (ps bad edited small film clips… haha) It surely was a great demonstration, however…


… you have idiots masked and dressed in black like this one (picture) who brings a bad name to everyone and are the cause that the police react like they do! … If I was a police i would mind “taking care of” these ugly obstacles that are in the way!! AAARGH so frustrated!




Thanks to a Japanese designer: Akihiro Mizuuchi there exists editable Lego. My prayers have been answered… haha, I could build like a bad-ass Pirate ship and then eat it! BAM!


Marios bachelor party … YAY!!


Its time for the thingy-list YAAAY! A totally unimportant list with awesome and cool stuff that I probably will never get. So this time its guns!! because I am such a violent man … haha, or not!

1. A build it yourself toy for people who like 3d puzzles or for very anti-pedagogic parents who wants their toddlers to prepare themselves to become future soldiers.

2. A gun that … what the heck is this?!!

3. A soap-gun, for you who like to play war-games in the shower and clean you body with a weapon!

4. A gun you give for evil and stupid people who hate you… you give it to them and say “shoot me!”

5. A marshmallow blaster… aah I have no words, every mans dream!

6. Trick your neighbors that you want to shoot your dog, and then they come closer and see “-aaah, its not a real gun”, and you start to talk and become friends forever.

7. If aliens exists you can use this gun on them and blast them to pieces, but they don’t and so you will never see if this gun works or not!

Which one do you like the most?? I would probably go for number 5, because anyone who I shoot will love me!


Yeah, Sweden in the summer time rules man, A beautiful Brazilian wife in Sweden preparing dinner for her husbands…. also rules!!

outside dinner

Hi how are you… can I smell your butt, the way dogs get to know each other…. nice!!

Hi people, if anyone actually reads this!! I have not done anything here in like two years due to … I don’t really know actually, but yesterday I looked in the blog for the first time in… well you guessed it … two years. And I decided to give it a go again.


DSC03701This is what has happened since last time; 

– Moved back to sweden from Brazil

– got engaged

– got married

– got an apartment

– started working

– went back to Brazil for my vacatio and visited my extended family

– and yesterday my Wife Taís and me became godparent… 

Yay, so life is moving on.

Chao amigozinhos!!

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