As a man I am ashamed of men’s request for prostitution. All other countries in the EU now accepts the buying of sex. Seriously, why are so few countries not taking the Swedish model into consideration. Criminalize the act of buying sex!! :

Who in their right mind doesn’t see the connection between prostitution and trafficking? Why do people want to cause so much pain for others?

Saw the movie “The Whistleblower” for about a week ago and my heart and mind was shocked of the sick ans twisted reality behind “Pretty woman” and any other effort to romanticize prostitution. Dont get me wrong. I am pointing fingers on the ones who pay for sex, the customers, because I know the the majority of the prostitutes themselves are forced into this for different reasons and should be viewed upon as the victims … AAAH! … At the end of the day people, the reality is about rape, abuse, beatings and so much hurt!