Yo, whats up people. Was a long time ago since I updated my strange and funny stuff pics. Here are a set of great chairs that I don’t know if I would ever have in my house!

First of the living chair that is missing a ball!

Then we got the hoodie chair which is just useless but cool.

How about the screw-chair… oooo

Check out the inception chair… woow

Or these two confusing chairs… which only purpose is to give you head aches and to sit on.

If you are into recycling and simply have like 2000 used straws laying around, or 50 cloth.hangers you dont use… well here you go!

And last but not least for today is for all you who are so jealus of these amazing pieces of furniture and you actually would want to be a chair…. or you are at a costume party and you want the beautiful girl in the room to sit on you!!!… here you go