Hi people

Its been a while since I last posted anything here and by the looks of it my blog is loosing interest. So I guess this means I should get more active again… because I crave to be seen and liked by random people on the internet!!! Anyways a quick recap, since last time I have got a job, bought a cool cup, celebrated grandmother who was here visiting, started to read a John Grisham Novel, met Carola (the famous one, I am so kändiskåt… haha) and… did I say I bought a cup!  Well needless to say I have started what some people might refer to as “a real life” in contrast to my life as a volunteer which was not real!! … but ah sooo much better. People are already asking me… ‘So Bob how long are you going to stay here this time?’ and I gladly answer: For about a year, then I move to Brazil and let you rot here with your real miserable life’s!  Hahaaa! No, I am not that mean, just felt like letting that out of my system… gone.

Guys until next time… God bless you. And here is a picture of my hot-stuff-cup-that-I-like!