Well people, it has been a long time ago since i posted anything here. It probably has to do with the fact that my life here in Suécia is pretty frozen. There are no battles to fight, no mountains to conquer, no glorious victories that fills this vessel with pride and accomplishment,  not even carnivals to enjoy! … Life here is easy and nice like a non-dramatic reality show and I am a wreck-less Batmobile with an engine problem! Soon however I will finally start working and earning money which feels nice after roughly 2 years without any income. I am doing fine here in Sweden and so is my Brazilian love who is still in St Vincent… mmm!

The other day My sister (Joy) and me went out picking blue berries. After, she made something so amazing! Let me just say that the place serving food in heaven better add this to their menu or I will consider changing religion! Just imagine… take blue berries, cheese cake and muffins … then mix these delights together and you will get… Blue-berry-cheesecake-muffins (is this even possible!?)… aaaah. Joy you are undoubtedly my favorite sister.