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Teach English as a Foreign Language….!

With plans to go to Brasil or any other country for that matter, I have now signed up and started an english course so that I can work abroad…. aaah!

I am a bit nervous what I put myself into… but here I go.! It is supposed to take three months to complete and we will se where in the world this will lead. God help me!


In a country which provides one of the worlds best tap water… Swedes drink 148 million liters of bottled water per year – and something that is almost free has become a billion dollar industry. Bottled water which is marketed as healthy and environmentally friendly, has been shown to contain more bacteria than tap water – and the movement of water destroys the environment.

I Like to compare this… with buying stones… yes, put them in a nice package and sell them as a game!!   … stupiiiid

haha, or lets buy a stick and a leaf… because we are so stupiiiid, haha

common Sweden, get a grip!

After many visits to countries that are not as privileged as yours and mine, I have always said that poverty and joy does not have anything to do with each other. I have seen and experienced an embracing life spirit, a profound joy and the most genuine smiles from people who don’t have anything, people who hope for at least one meal for the day, people whose dreams are limited and people who stopped dreaming… there in the midst of these we westerners are the students and they are they examples.

Here is an interesting sketch that somebody made describing this. [click on it to see bigger]

The only things is that I don’t believe people are ever “satisfied” with what they have, but being happy surely does not require the materialism this world offers.

aaah, just this title makes me happy, getting filled with joy,  and hope for peace, is there an end to this war? does this mark a new peaceful beginning? All is yet to see, there are no winners and no losers to these conflicts. If war breeds war, then hopefully peace breeds peace! Most probably this decision has alternate reasons, but it still is a step in the right direction. Again “The Big Picture” provides us with breathless taking pictures, showing not only the  positive point of views, but a more wide perspective.

Attended my first funeral last week, where we celebrated and remembered a significant past life and mourned the loss. It strikes me as remarkable that a few people only met this woman (who passed away) a couple of times and yet she made a profound impact in their life… how? Well

this might sound a bit too soft, but she did this simply by her smiles, hugs, and a genuine care for people around her. What you are is many times contagious, it doesn’t take all that much. Rest in Peace Iris Johansson and thank you for you.

Yesterday My sister Joy graduated from Secondary school… (Swedish 9:an) Finaly after nine years in the same school! A nice traditional ceremony followed by a crazy lunch was organised by the teachers. For now it is summervacation. Congratulations joy . -brother B, love you


Had a brazilian evening yesterday at my friends Krister and Resas house, where Marco from Brazil and his wife shared about their work among street children In Fortaleza. Felt humbled and inspired to hear about this struggle that shines with its hope. And obviously brazilian food was served… guess what I made… yeah!

Check out their home page at:



Jeroen, my younger (have to point that out!) brother just graduated from Washington University and will work as an amazing computer-something.

Am so proud of you brother, in a far away place you have managed to settle down, got a God-fearing wife, an amazing education, cool job and a car!! haha Jeroen, your passion for your interests has always been contagious and I love it every time you share your new ideas (even though I might understand 40% of what you are talking about.)

I believe this coming job will be a stepping stone for something even greater and that the fact that it pays will never be your first priority… we Eijkhofs got higher ambitions than merely money… We reach to places we can not conquer by ourselves, but require a hand from above… that’s how we roll! haha

Älskar dig brorsan

Bas (my older brother) wrote “Our son maximus saw daylight yesterday! The little warrior weighted 4166 grams and was 53 cm tall. We are all doing well now and recovering from a victorious delivery. Much love. Bas and Linda”

I am a happy uncle for the second time, and am planning a visit to Göteborg… Go Eijkhofs, … GO God!

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