Universally on the news this morning: Osama bin Laden dead! Everybody cries out for verification, at least some pictures and rumor has it that it will come. But even so, he was the reason The US was in Afghanistan, Pakistan and who knows where else! Does this imply an end to war…  the troops will return… and then the US won’t spend all that money on their military… and then Obama will become a hero for saving their economy…  Ah its all good!

No al quaida is still there and its only the end of a symbolic figure who didn’t manage to do much at all these last years.Although I don’t think this will lead to “peace at last”, I surely hope it would!

It only took the US 10 years… only cost about 100.000+ civilian lives…  only cost the US 1.291 BILLION US $… and I don’t know how many soldier casualties, how much collateral damage, how much political conflict.. etc! but it is now done!… or?

I will only celebrate death I would if it ment bringing life, which is yet to see.