Like or dislike the Facebook revolution? I say don’t be a no sayer to new things. Remember the people who did not want a cell phone before because it was an impersonal way of communicating, well they stand out as fools today, Just take Facebook for whatever positive things it can bring and you’ll be fine!

Here is a few more icon that would be cool to put in… I would put hate this on everyone who updates their every single move AARGH.

Or maybe if you are an addict and don’t have Internet, or just hate Facebook but want to seem to be cool for the rest of the world’s population. Here is an actual Like and Dislike stamp… which you can press into the forehead of people to show your true feelings about them.

And last but not least here is something we should have in church or just carry around with us. If the Preaching on sunday afternoon is good they can have a modern cool nerdy collection afterwards! yay!