These last couple of months has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, as I have been required to journey from one world to a different one… twice. First from my home in Mozambique, leaving friends and an amazing place behind me… in order to go to St Vincent. There again I met the most amazing like-minded people I came to love, just to say goodbye two months later as I am now in Sweden. Nossa! Where is the good in goodbye huh! Anyways as I have come to learn, change is often followed by hardship… and hardship creates men.

Will I ever arrive to a place of security and satisfaction… Nah! Hence, not even planning to build on these. I guess I was gifted with a restless soul, not being able to settle down! With God in the lead (my life-philosophy at the moment, seriously listen to the lyrics!) I will follow my heart wherever this might take me, praying God will prepare the way so that I can give him all the credit. Or as the song goes

“…Cuz if I do this by myself I’m scared that I’ll succeed. 
And no longer trust in You, cuz I only trust in me.
And see, that’s how you end up headed to destruction.
Paving a road to nowhere. Pour your life out for nothing…”

So have some goals set up and I´ll go from there. Peace out… and I´ll see you later