Coming to the Caribbean I was feeling great… I thought, but as the evenings made themselves present so did the fever, head ache and vomiting. Obviously my superhero mind treated everything as a paper-scratch, to be forgotten and laughed at… because after all  Bob will always be fine!!

Just came back from the hospital recovering from the dengue fever (stupid name!), but by the grace of God, the blood of Christ and loads of  intravenous rehydration, I am feeling mush better. The hospital was crap, spent three days on a bed doing nothing at all! Longest days of my life!… and what have I learned? … well I am still pounding on that one…. Gah This blog just became quite serious, I never intended it to make me look like a fool and yet I cant write myself out of the fact that maybe I should tread with care from now on… hmm. Well to lighten everything up here is a stupid video I managed to make on my last day when I reacived my computer.