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Hi Guys here is a small greeting from St Vincent, this time I am not in a hospital but inside a Volcano… exiting every time! Actually I wish I could stay here for another two months… but hey every now and then reality kicks you in you butt. Peace out peeps.


thanks bro, just found it and had to post it again!

Todays favo-time has to do with the delicious delight of chocolate.

1. First of we have chocolate dominoes… A game where you have to rid of all your domino bricks, I would win easily! =)

2. If a hard-core realist would buy a valentines present, this would probably be it, Ladies and gets a chocolate heart… how romantic!

3. Feeling hungry when on the computer, try eating one of those useless keys we never use like > and ¤ … from this God-made chocolate keyboard

4. While we are in the subject of computer utilities, if you eat up your keyboard, you might aswell have the mouse for desert!… a chocolate mouse. 

5. A chocolate calculator, for people who likes to eat their problems!

6. My personal favorite, a gun, ammo and a hand-grenade … a bang bang chocolate experience, you can shoot yourself with joy, or blow up your friends for their birthday!

7. Last but not least, Jesus… his face in chocolate! Oh taste and see that the lord is good. Here is a chocolate jesus-article if you want!

Did you know that the word “chocoholic” exist!! just saying… it does!

Which cup would you choose as your favorite one?

Maybe I should create support groups for addicts, but include small insignificant fee… I would become a millionaire at once!

What is an addiction if not something you cant be without! This picture made me think, – wow I got to get my priorities right! … But then again, its just me!!!

Coming to the Caribbean I was feeling great… I thought, but as the evenings made themselves present so did the fever, head ache and vomiting. Obviously my superhero mind treated everything as a paper-scratch, to be forgotten and laughed at… because after all  Bob will always be fine!!

Just came back from the hospital recovering from the dengue fever (stupid name!), but by the grace of God, the blood of Christ and loads of  intravenous rehydration, I am feeling mush better. The hospital was crap, spent three days on a bed doing nothing at all! Longest days of my life!… and what have I learned? … well I am still pounding on that one…. Gah This blog just became quite serious, I never intended it to make me look like a fool and yet I cant write myself out of the fact that maybe I should tread with care from now on… hmm. Well to lighten everything up here is a stupid video I managed to make on my last day when I reacived my computer.

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