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Ok, I have been gone one year and suddenly find this kid on the internet who sings quite good… Justin Bieber (bob… seriously!) yes well, I didn’t know he had become famous to the tip that people actually start to hate him, but the kids songs are pretty catchy! hehe I remember liking Jennifer Lopez music and got totally banned from social life… but hey, somebody has to like them!


OK, since I got some internet these days I have managed to throw together another favorite part… which of these amazing cakes would you like the most?

Personally I like the first one, the wedding cake where the bride is the cake!… At my wedding I would like my brides wedding-clothes to be the cake … It would create some awkward moments, like when the guests wants to eat some cake! But imagine all the great one-liners like, “you are so sweet tonight darling” or “I could just eat you baby!” eeeh

This is my bigger project from Mozambique. It is about a project made to help famer’s through teaching, giving material and helping them to sell their products. This 15 minute-documentary was my biggest project as it was translated into four different languages and I became responsible for the production, promotion and distribution of this movie… interested? … take a peek!

here is the final product tadaaa

Had a nice travel back to St Vincent. Traveled with emirates (the best airline) who gives you these small stickers at the flight [pic] so that the frlight-attendants knows what to do with sleeping people… love it.
Also Spent like 27 hours at Gatwick airport being generally bored, which you can see by looking at what I done after drinking a huge bowl of coffee. Anyways now I am back in the caribbean… so far loving it.

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