Had a great time in Sweden and came back safe and sound to the nation of Mozambique.

Right now I got around three weeks left of suffering in the heat, at the beach and consuming the multitudes of fruit all the time. My last movie projects are being finished and I have handed out around 200 pictures to different people around here that I had developed while in Sweden. Around the house we have planted watermelons and they are growing quickly, unfortunately I won’t see them become adults and eatable, but just being able to grow these babies right by the house is still pretty nice. I am going to miss Mozambique. I have really got good relations with all the teachers and staff the children around in the community, the students, even the fishermen down at the beach and obviously the other DI:s (volunteers) who live in the same house as me.. it’s become a home!.  The seventeenth my flight leaves from Johannes burg in South Africa in order to go back to St Vincent, there I will meet new volunteers who are going to work at the same place I am … wow, from one beautiful God-made place to another…! Yeah, well Stockholm is also God-made, but different, you know! Like “God-made-without-any-beach-kind-of-God-made”!

Anyway coming home to Sweden in the middle of april … Até Logo