Mango season is upon Moçambique and man are we eating mangos! The availability of fruit and vegetables is more natural here, meaning things are only available in the market when they are in season… so lastmonth oranges where still growing but not anymore and so now they can’t be found. However fortunately there is always something nice and sweet in season for Bob to put his teeth in to. (Bob, do you often refer to yourself in third person?!?)  (… I don’t know do I ?) (Bob do you often write things in brackets?) (You tell me… I don’t think so!) Over here the Local Langue is Makua, and right now I have a Makuan name: Makaliha (meaning helper) funny because when I did my DTS in South Africa I got a name with the same significance: Ntedo.
Anyways I have been away from Sweden now for around 14
months and there are some things I haven’t had or done in
over a year. Like: Taking a hot shower, eating a bulle or
wearing jeans… but then again I haven’t spent a week without
going to the beach, enjoying the sun, seen a palm tree and
eating fresh fruit so It’s all good in the hood. By the way
I owned one single sweater and I gave it away, so Mum… for
Christmas please bring some warm clothes to the airport when
you pick me up.
About 30 minutes ago I met Danielle Wallander at Iris
ministries… I came a bit unnoticed and we decided to go for
Pizza later tonight… will be fun just to speak some Swedish
and hang out … and hey it was nine months ago since I last had
pizza… =) Tomorrow we will maybe go for the beach here in Pemba
which is said to be the third most beautiful in the world… on the
planet, in the Universe… me, here wow!
Até logo (see you later)


Here is a picture of my friends as we where on “the island of mozambique”