Allow me to enlighten you about a man considered to be reasonable yet utterly mad,
I am confident he would not object to these terms as he happens to be my beloved dad.
Not mad as in irrational, but merely devoted to strive against the flow,
And if mad means being passionate, he is indisputably the maddest man I know.
Possessing a God-confidence like Samson with his long hair he refuses to cut,
And not troubled at all of preaching to the public somebody should kick their sleeping butt.
If you encounter him at home an ordinary Saturday evening while he’s still awake
You will find him in an ecstasy of relaxation preparing the most delicious unhealthy stake.
Dad, your laugh and your remarkable sarcastic jokes are without a doubt spreading the love,
And above all, you show what’s on heart and share the affection you received from above.
Dad I am proud of being your son and I am proud of having you as my dad.
And just like you father I am aiming to become utterly God-fearing mad.

Love you, Happy 73 year-birthday daddy-Tjebbo