A new chapter is commencing as close friends has left, new ones are coming, the country of Moçambique is getting hotter and sweatier , old movie projects are over and I am starting new ones and… I just turned 29 years ooold…! I am also mentally preparing for my short but amazing Christmas-visit back to Sweden…

So what has happened the last weeks Wow… my phone and camera got stolen, I have seen lots monkeys, Killer whales and more snakes, I experienced a car-crash on the highway with two goats… I am enjoying barbeques on the beach at night time (which by the way doesn’t have anything to do with the dead goats!), I am learning to enjoy disgusting food called Shima and matapa, I have visited a cashew-nut-factory in Itukulu.. and well a lot of everyday things that is a part of the Mozambique experience… mmm


Here is a picture of my fellow DI:s (voluenters)… most of them have allready left me, but I remember you guys.