Ok a little update from Moçambique, First of all I have seen snakes, wild snakes, dangerous deadly beast… that preys upon innocent small girls! No but really, One poison-snake and one anaconda-2-meter-kind of snake. Yesterday evening the dogs where barking like crazy by the grass just outside my room. As I came out I hear lots of razzling noises coming from the ground and suddenly this fantastically lethal animal swirls away as I pick on the ground with a stick (a very very loooong stick!) Wow. Nature people it’s all I have to say … nature… you know what I mean!… nature… can you feel it… (ok bob, cut it out!) There is certainly a lot of danger lurking out there!… last week my volunteer friends were robbed down here at the beach by guys threatening with knifes … crazy! I know, atleast I have a beach where one can get mugged, but still… Ah-ah! But hey, remember… God is good (…) And all the time (…)
Bye for now.


here is a view of my amazing room.