Mozambique Africa, I have now been in Mozambique for four months and this is more and more becoming my home, I know many people in the community and every time I walk the roads people (especially children) are calling out my name (Bobbi), I am actually finding myself helping others with directions and information… and although I am soooo looking forward to come home for Christmas to dear Sweden I am slowly managing a good life over here. Typical European needs (such as internet, nice clothes, food for pleasure and control of time) are fading away in my, oh so intelligent brain and my Portuguese is also catching up.


So What is Bobbi up to nowadays?… well, I am swimming 3 days a week in the ocean, by the beach, by the sandy sunny and GAH- beautiful beach… working on my own funny projects half of the day and concentrating on the work of the school the other half of the day, going to the crazy market once a week to buy food and whatever else I need, looking at the series of “24” … I am now on season 3, following the world cup of Football, fixing my ever so long hair, baking cakes, making pizza, eating pizza, discovering a new world of food (such as cassava, octopus and a bunch of new fruits) and enjoying the company of the other DI:s (Development Instructors) Am loving it over here. Miss you guys a lot.

/peace out


Me in the morning, looking like Kurt Cobain!!