Last Saturday we had some rain … it was great first rain in about two weeks. However people are saying it might also be the last one in a quite long time, so I am preparing myself for the dry-season… which should be just as hot as it is today accept water supplies will be running low much faster and obviously it will be less green outside. (Hurray… noot!) Moreover my Saturday evenings are spent with the students now, and man do they love a good movie, and as you see for yourselves on the picture, watching it on my ini-tini-laptop is not something that will hinder their passion for a nice show. =)

Having a momentum here, just read 1 Kor:13, you know the loove chapter. And I thought to myself like hey, that’s the missing piece in the puzzle, me being over here but still missing the purpose. Loving the people around! Then again, seeing people around through the eyes of God like we get taught in church… or loving people around… how is that even possible (bob with a little help from God…) I would actually like a little more technicalities! I mean these are Gods children, he created them and has a plan for their life, he gave his life for them… honestly, him, sure… but me loving them ah… how? Many of them are just irritating according to me, and I am here why, because I like this, because I feel sorry for the less fortunate? To teach them a few words in English, to guide their souls in the right direction… because I looove them so much!? I am being half sarcastic here, but ah, please help me out in my moment of reasoning!
Ok all for now folk, see you later.