Today is one of my internet days, yes… meaning I take time to check my mail, update my blog and get some connection to the outer world. You see, when one lives in a village… well let’s just make a tremendously boring story a bit shorter and say thank God for internet!
Its sometimes weird traveling like this, to a place where it’s obvious you are not from, and the difference between you and everyone else around is pretty evident. In Mozambique I am the white, rich strangely blond guy who stands out in the crowd… I hate it! I get the feeling that whoever is nice to me is expecting something nice in return, like money, a new Mercedes and a changed life! What I say doesn’t really matter, because what I symbolize has more deeply taken its root in many people’s minds. Don’t get me wrong I have got some nice friends now, but every time I walk the streets someone comes up to me and says “Ey, bom dia… want to be my friend?!?“ or the honest ones just asks for money straight away! But who am I to get frustrated huh?! After all In the long run I am the rich one and more privileged… in one way! It’s not easy being somewhere where you help the few and neglect the many. In the end of the day the heart turns sorrow into anger and the only way of helping everyone who asks for it seems to be by befriending both Bill Gates and Jesus! … uhm, … see the irony?
From one thing to the other… Here is me on one local taxi (called shapa) It can be different type of viecles, this time it’s a small truck… gah I´m white!