Last two days we had no electricity, imagine 6 o’clock in the evening… absolutely dark, not even candles!! what to do ?? =)… suddenly there is space to think, reflect and grumble about issues, … Honestly everyone says they don’t want to return back home the same way they went, They want something about them to change while gone from home all the way in and out of Africa, a more knowledgeable and mature character than before perhaps. But how and why … any comments?’

Oh yeah, Its easter this weekend, so thats good, Jesus came down and saved us to heaven and all! So I mean thats kinda of big you know!! Well, not for you weirdos who dont believe… you just buy your eggs and hope for the best! hehe


Here is me walking to the nearest restaurant for a cold beer a sunny day, a 30 min trip by along the beach… but as it is full moon these last days the tide is as you see quite high.