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You may wonder why I keep on writing about birthdays in my family… I mean Bob how big of a family do you have?! Well let’s just say that this particular family is sooo good! According to Guinness book of world records, the best one on the planet. Hence last Wednesday, the 28th of April was the birthday of the greatest mum ever, (we should make it into a international holiday, like Christmas and Easter, with special food and decorations for the house… and maybe some children songs and an embarrassing dance… And oh oh, a mascot!) So without going into any exaggerations, mamma Ans Happy birthday I wish you all the best, I am proud of you, I miss you and I love you.



Last Saturday we had some rain … it was great first rain in about two weeks. However people are saying it might also be the last one in a quite long time, so I am preparing myself for the dry-season… which should be just as hot as it is today accept water supplies will be running low much faster and obviously it will be less green outside. (Hurray… noot!) Moreover my Saturday evenings are spent with the students now, and man do they love a good movie, and as you see for yourselves on the picture, watching it on my ini-tini-laptop is not something that will hinder their passion for a nice show. =)

Having a momentum here, just read 1 Kor:13, you know the loove chapter. And I thought to myself like hey, that’s the missing piece in the puzzle, me being over here but still missing the purpose. Loving the people around! Then again, seeing people around through the eyes of God like we get taught in church… or loving people around… how is that even possible (bob with a little help from God…) I would actually like a little more technicalities! I mean these are Gods children, he created them and has a plan for their life, he gave his life for them… honestly, him, sure… but me loving them ah… how? Many of them are just irritating according to me, and I am here why, because I like this, because I feel sorry for the less fortunate? To teach them a few words in English, to guide their souls in the right direction… because I looove them so much!? I am being half sarcastic here, but ah, please help me out in my moment of reasoning!
Ok all for now folk, see you later.

As you might have read, I am making small documentaries… which you cannot see, due to sucky internet! Last Friday I went around and showed the movie to the people who were involved, must say it was a joy seeing them watching the movie, as you can see for yourself on the pictures below. Otherwise I am doing fine, English lessons are going good and Africa is hotter then ever!!

Today is one of my internet days, yes… meaning I take time to check my mail, update my blog and get some connection to the outer world. You see, when one lives in a village… well let’s just make a tremendously boring story a bit shorter and say thank God for internet!
Its sometimes weird traveling like this, to a place where it’s obvious you are not from, and the difference between you and everyone else around is pretty evident. In Mozambique I am the white, rich strangely blond guy who stands out in the crowd… I hate it! I get the feeling that whoever is nice to me is expecting something nice in return, like money, a new Mercedes and a changed life! What I say doesn’t really matter, because what I symbolize has more deeply taken its root in many people’s minds. Don’t get me wrong I have got some nice friends now, but every time I walk the streets someone comes up to me and says “Ey, bom dia… want to be my friend?!?“ or the honest ones just asks for money straight away! But who am I to get frustrated huh?! After all In the long run I am the rich one and more privileged… in one way! It’s not easy being somewhere where you help the few and neglect the many. In the end of the day the heart turns sorrow into anger and the only way of helping everyone who asks for it seems to be by befriending both Bill Gates and Jesus! … uhm, … see the irony?
From one thing to the other… Here is me on one local taxi (called shapa) It can be different type of viecles, this time it’s a small truck… gah I´m white!

Had a bit boring weekend, which makes you do things you haven’t done before… so I played with Photoshop with these pictures… click on them for a higher resolution. I also made a delicious melon-jam back home (wow Bob, you really where bored huh!), so I think I am buying some fresh bread and go stuff myself… mmm



Last two days we had no electricity, imagine 6 o’clock in the evening… absolutely dark, not even candles!! what to do ?? =)… suddenly there is space to think, reflect and grumble about issues, … Honestly everyone says they don’t want to return back home the same way they went, They want something about them to change while gone from home all the way in and out of Africa, a more knowledgeable and mature character than before perhaps. But how and why … any comments?’

Oh yeah, Its easter this weekend, so thats good, Jesus came down and saved us to heaven and all! So I mean thats kinda of big you know!! Well, not for you weirdos who dont believe… you just buy your eggs and hope for the best! hehe


Here is me walking to the nearest restaurant for a cold beer a sunny day, a 30 min trip by along the beach… but as it is full moon these last days the tide is as you see quite high.



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