Today I we were supposed to pick up some money to buy utilities for the house (after waiting two weeks), so we walked 30 minutes to the place where this office is and the they tell us to come back 4 hours later, because the man responsible is not there, so back and then there again 4 hours later, they are eating lunch, so we have to wait 30 minutes and then the man comes but has to make sure we are getting this money, so we have to pick up the woman who was there earlier to confirm, when we picked her up and got back, the man was gone… all this is in 36°C (hot like Natalie Portman)… (I really felt like killing someone)… then the woman says that the money we were getting was actually used yesterday anyways… so we should come back in a couple of days! (I took out a gun and killed her… in my mind!)
Ladies and gents welcome to Africa huh! I mean sure I am a westerner whose cultural imprinted priority is efficiency, but honestly… this will drive you nuts… especially if it happens everywhere, all the time
Common Bob, you are the anthropologist, what’s wrong with you man! … Hold it together now!
Guess who loves Hillsong music, maybe Maki will go to monkey-heaven!!