Finding it hard to start over here, coming here full with energy of getting started and then the man who is supposed to be there does not show up and an entire day goes to waste… next day he is sick, and the day after his children are sick… Yes I know this is my integrated western way of thinking… being efficient with my time… I have to chill and not see the day as my precious time… because over here in Moçambique one just has to expect that anything can happen, nothing can happen or that hopefully something unexpected will eventually happen this week sometime! … Ah-ah
By the way … I am in Africa and guess who we drove past last weekend…
And oh yeah, for anyone who has ever been to Uganda… where this commodity also exists, here is a picture for you, the absolute best soft-drink in God’s creation… Mirinda Fruity, we have it here! (But I stick to Coca Cola which costs less than half a dollar a bottle)… but still… Gah!