Hey everyone out there all you 5 people who read my blog!!  Well I have arrived here in Nacala, Mozambique where I will stay for a year. The house I am living at is quite nice, got my own room, and the rest we share. I am living together with some awesome people, first of all Joao who you all have seen, and then a Brazilian couple Bruno and Carol, and a guy named Milan from the check-republic. As you see on the pictures they all have long hair… so the idea of cutting my own hair shorter is gone… want to get a couple of rastas… ya man… !!



Oh, by the way, around our house its like a zoo, we got 3 big great guard-dogs… monkeys, squirrels, Tarantilla-spiders, 2400 cockroaches,  a million malaria-mosquitos, lizards, biiig grasshoppers and who knows what more there is out there.. haha peace people.