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Last Saturday the 27 of march my little sister Joy (my real sister, not fake like some of you out there) turned 15 years old… wow, she is getting all grown up!… Shit!! Joy stop it… haha,
…naw just joking. Joy you are going to become the most amazing woman ever and I am soooo looking forward to see you what God has in stored for you. When Joy first was born, her name was not only prophesied before, but afterwards she was the uplifting joy and pride of the Eijkhof-family, imagine three brothers who finally gets their sister. Now a days Joy has grown up and is not any longer the cute little sister, but a beautiful god-fearing girl… Joy… who still naturally spreads the joy around. Joy, your name truly still has significance, love you soooooo much.


OK, haven’t really given you any idea that I am actually working here. I mean its not like I am with all these animals all day long. Anyways my first job here is to film and edit small documentaries about the school and the life around the area. So I just finished my first mini-docu which is a presentation about three children, their families, their homes and their life in school. It has been a great first project as I got to go out into the village meet people, and get to know a little about the culture around… Am actually thinking about writing a small ethnography about this place, but for this to occur I first need to know the language much more.


Today I we were supposed to pick up some money to buy utilities for the house (after waiting two weeks), so we walked 30 minutes to the place where this office is and the they tell us to come back 4 hours later, because the man responsible is not there, so back and then there again 4 hours later, they are eating lunch, so we have to wait 30 minutes and then the man comes but has to make sure we are getting this money, so we have to pick up the woman who was there earlier to confirm, when we picked her up and got back, the man was gone… all this is in 36°C (hot like Natalie Portman)… (I really felt like killing someone)… then the woman says that the money we were getting was actually used yesterday anyways… so we should come back in a couple of days! (I took out a gun and killed her… in my mind!)
Ladies and gents welcome to Africa huh! I mean sure I am a westerner whose cultural imprinted priority is efficiency, but honestly… this will drive you nuts… especially if it happens everywhere, all the time
Common Bob, you are the anthropologist, what’s wrong with you man! … Hold it together now!
Guess who loves Hillsong music, maybe Maki will go to monkey-heaven!!


Finding it hard to start over here, coming here full with energy of getting started and then the man who is supposed to be there does not show up and an entire day goes to waste… next day he is sick, and the day after his children are sick… Yes I know this is my integrated western way of thinking… being efficient with my time… I have to chill and not see the day as my precious time… because over here in Moçambique one just has to expect that anything can happen, nothing can happen or that hopefully something unexpected will eventually happen this week sometime! … Ah-ah
By the way … I am in Africa and guess who we drove past last weekend…
And oh yeah, for anyone who has ever been to Uganda… where this commodity also exists, here is a picture for you, the absolute best soft-drink in God’s creation… Mirinda Fruity, we have it here! (But I stick to Coca Cola which costs less than half a dollar a bottle)… but still… Gah!

Loving the dogs like the like Bono loves his sun-glasses, but this new friend is freakily awesome! Its like my childhood dream come true, you know I always wanted a monkey-pet… well you probably didn’t because I was a bit embarrassed of mentioning it, but ladies and gents let me present Maki to you, our house-pet, and the best one ever!
Here are some pictures of me and the dogs going crazy at the beach (ah forgot to mention that…) Yes sweeds, I am again cruising the beaches… and obviously also some nice pictures of Maki… I call him Mack!

Getting more and more accustomed to my surroundings now, know the way around, know 47 different greetings in Portuguese, gotten used to the … different food… (but we make our own many times… thank God!), I am not any longer shaking when a gigantic bug lands on my head… and I have got a fan! (English fan, not Swedish fan)… I have also learned how to make Jam from their local yellow melon-ish-fruit… think I am addicted to this stuff now =).
On Monday (today) I am started TO SHOOT … with a camera! My primary job here is to make tiny documentaries, about the community and the people around. So I am starting off with three children here, about their time at school, home, in the village and whatever else they are up too, It’s just …of the hook.. (gangsta bob is rollin!)
By the way, if you feel like calling me on my cell, my number is: +258847760055. The connection might suck bigtime, but… but… but!! Jeroen this time there is like 10 hour difference between us… so don’t interrupt my beauty-sleep, unless you lose an arm…. Nah just kidding YOU can call me anytime, Sweden; only one hour, please do interrupt! God bless Ya´ll and here are some more pictures.

Hey everyone out there all you 5 people who read my blog!!  Well I have arrived here in Nacala, Mozambique where I will stay for a year. The house I am living at is quite nice, got my own room, and the rest we share. I am living together with some awesome people, first of all Joao who you all have seen, and then a Brazilian couple Bruno and Carol, and a guy named Milan from the check-republic. As you see on the pictures they all have long hair… so the idea of cutting my own hair shorter is gone… want to get a couple of rastas… ya man… !!



Oh, by the way, around our house its like a zoo, we got 3 big great guard-dogs… monkeys, squirrels, Tarantilla-spiders, 2400 cockroaches,  a million malaria-mosquitos, lizards, biiig grasshoppers and who knows what more there is out there.. haha peace people.

I have reached Mozambique, a nation in development, a nation where everyone speaks portuguese (of all languages huh!) a land where the internet is so sloooooooow! Just to watch a 1.5 minute youtube video took me like 1 hour of loading time! BAJS, I guess God wants me to do other stuff right now! like meeting people in real life (Scary!) what if these other people start interacting with me and require I answer at once…. it’s a tricky world out there people…. one I am about to discover.

Gah I feel like I am back in the 90:s… 

… Yes sir, I have come to the country I am to stay for a year, On thursday I leave to Nacala and untill then I am here in tha capitol called Maputo. Gah, It feels unbeliviable. However I just must recover, around 50 hours of travel without any sleep makes people crazy man!

I will send a little video update later on, but for now I am going into a long sleep my dear fellah … just like cinderella!

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