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Hi everyone, Bob here (!!!) tomorrow night or Friday morning we are leaving to Mozambique, Africa… a place I am going to stay at for a whole year doing voluntary work in a vocational school, teaching people computer skills, editing small movies and teaching English. It’s another life changing experience, but weird as it may sound I actually am looking forward leaving the Caribbean, leaving this beach, this heat and the constant Soka-music.

Ok I made a last small movie, this was poorly done, but just got a program with funny effects HERE is the link if you want to download it… this is however the last vlog from St Vincent… next Africa.


Last Saturday we had our goodbye party… and I shared A poem… from my heart…


RVA as we have seen…

Is a great school for those who likes to clean.

Clean the halls clean the kitchen and every other kind of dirty source.

Even picking up the shit from the God damn Horse!

It’s even a place to learn a thing or two,

Like how to download movies and enjoying the amazing view.

Every now and then we have to prepare some food for eating

Or attend an annoying class or another boring meeting.

For some reason we are prepared to face Africa after the time here

I guess It does take much to work as a volunteer

The most beautiful girl in the world is turning two years old today the 15th of february… Love you Mika, and Happy birthday. Hope you wont forget dear uncle Bob! bas made a 20 minute video where we follow this princess from birth.  

Now everyone has my song sticked into their heads… hehe

… and oh yeah, Soon I will be traveling to Mozambique… aaah, crazy!

Anyways found these small clips and you just gotta see them.

First of we have a clip from guys jumping of a four-story building right into a pile of snow … AWESOME, Man I wish I was there!

Then we have a great Snickers commercial… love it!


And last but not least… there is a new game out called “Bob came in pieces“… hmmm, obviously I take it as a sign! I just had to get this game, what if it has like a secret message hidden in level three under a tree explaining what will happen to me and who I will marry!

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