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So finally the day arrived for marriage, it was a beautiful wedding (apparently… I wasnt there!) and both of them said yes (hopefully, again I was not there so I’m not totally sure)… (but then again they are married in facebook which is more real than anything… I think God uses facebook!) So Congratulations Wolfmaiers and the entire wolfmaier-family in the world, may you live happy and prosper (hmm.. startrek?) God bless /B

Here is a little video I made for you guys… the one you saw in the wedding reception.


As we say in Holland; Jeroen and everyone in the Eijkhof-clan-family around the world, congratulations. Here are a few chosen words for you my dear younger brother.

Jeroen, I’m fortunate and I’m glad, I got you for my brother.
Not that I had the choice, I couldn’t pick another.

As we observe your birthday now, the cake and gifts don’t matter much.
These common things aren’t really you, earthly pagan things and such.

You are more into holy things, like Iphones, computers and your wife,
Sandhyas chocolate muffins probably mean more to you than life!

Maybee God wants to surprice you with something new this year,
Beyond your wildest dreams, beyond the new coolest gear (if possible!)

May God bless you with gifts that completely blows your mind away
Happy birthday bro and have fantastic and blessed day


Ok friends this video has nothing to do with me at all (I know its disappointing not to see me in all the videos !!) But I have to brag a little as far as the editing is conseaarned… yes I did it. The beginning is the best part, I got the idea (if you are still interested and amazingly enough still are reading this jabberi…) from Scrubs where many new scenes are introduced with a swoosh sound… haha  I am so nerdy! anyways here it is:

Yep life in paradise is hard! … we actually have to do stuff!

Hi  everyone, friends and family, far of cousins, people I don’t remember and all you other stalkers! The New Year has begun and you know how it is… The day is not different from a day last year (last decade) but symbolically it is soooo different, we allow ourself another chance at things, starting anew, reloading our enthusiasm and look forward to the new year with eagerness and confusion! But we also look back on what we have learned and in which way God has carried us through (I dont know about you, but I sure need a couple of extra angels around me every now and then!… yeah dad, you need even more!… and Jeroen you have a Iphone, so no extra angel for you!) So where was I .. oh yeah ehm, my year has been good and I am entering a time when I don’t have a single clue on what exactly will happen, sure I will go to Mozambique, but hey AFRICA!!!! need I say more! ok here are anyways two small videos about what we did for Christmas. Have a good day people… see you later…

Wow, we ar5e enrering a new decade ladies and gentlemen… a new decade… DECADE !! … GAH! Than was like ten years ago we did that last… remeber 2000… well I was 17 when that happened and now I am 21 =). Here in Bequia Sun is shining, people are party crazy and the waves from the clear blue water are gigantic. AAAH (drägel). So Happy new year everyone I hope you have a good time tonight and especially tomorrow morning =)

Bye 2009 Hello 2010

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