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Last weekend we where building, fixing and making all kinds of things here at RVA. Our Job was to get a huge think Wire out from the ground in the fruit garden, carry the heavy thing up to the school and install it…  GAH… Obviously Bob made a video (hurray) So here are some of the things we done.


Anledningen till att jag tror jag stannar härborta bort från Sveriga bara lite till.

Last week we had an Open Saturday…. meaning opening up our school and facilities for anyone who wants to come and man was it fun! We basically only had children who came…. lots of them! and these small creatures sure live up this place checki iti outi!

Bas made the amazing intro, So thanks bro… press on “SD” in order to then press “HQ” (higher quality)

Or should I say, my niece…. She is the most beautiful human being God created so far!

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What is it these students actually do over at RVA and how does a normal day look like over there? Are they simply laying on the beach all day and stare at the beautiful palm trees?! These are but some of the many questions I was asking before coming here, so why not just come with a clear answer!

An ordinary morning we all hear the bell ring at 7 am. That is the signal for breakfast and initially we all where there a few seconds later. But now two months into the program one gets used and relaxed… well the right word would be that one feels more ‘home’ I guess, and so no one rushes around anymore, the Caribbean spirit of taking it easy is resting over all of us! Every morning one of us has to wake up at six o clock to make this breakfast… I know it’s early!

After breakfast there is what we call ‘morning action’, which means morning duties, but for some reason a lot is labeled with ‘action’ over here, don’t ask me why! The duties vary and we all get a different area to take care of every week. It can be cleaning the kitchen, halls or bathrooms, baking bread, gardening, taking out the trash or some other things. Obviously everything is what you make it and so the most daily routines can become a blast I you want it to… so fun!

Afterwards there is time for showers, Email-checking or a divine nap before the first lecture of the day. In my team most people has a tendency to be a bit late because why in the world would anyone want to have lecture without a nice cup of coffee?! … so a quick run into the kitchen, grabbing whatever comes to mind and the lessons starts. What we learn varies; it can be practical sessions, interactive discussions, classical deep going informative classes or even seeing documentaries. We cover a bunch of various topics, all to get as prepared as possible for our time in Africa later on. We even have language classes, some learn or better up their English, myself I am studying Portuguese… Why in the world Bob, of all languages? True there… well the reason is that in Mozambique where I am planning to go, this is believe it or not their actual language! So when going there I will in fact understand what in the world they are saying and hopefully talk back as well.

Afterwards it is time for lunch and then we either continue with more lectures, get time to study or going to community work. The community work is twice a week and for our team this means walking to a secondary school and teach the kids Spanish, Math’s, English, Computers, and helping out with sport activities. At first I thought this is a piece of cake… I am going to teach them computers… how hard can it be right! I mean I have been emailing for years now, can’t be much to it! Well little did I know, because first of all there is more preparation for one of these classes than I thought, then over here sometimes the students will just not show up and the complications can sometimes grow like there aint any working computers! Hurray I am teaching computers without any computers!

At 7 pm. We eat dinner and man am I usually hungry by now! After dinner there is time left for a meeting, maybe a documentary, or just hanging around the area playing ping pong, taking a late dip in the ocean, skyping with my folks back home, playing a game of poker, hanging around the Brazilians (they are quite a bunch of them here!) or just making a banana-shake in the kitchen.

Day is over…. Goodnight!

-Bob van den Eijkhof

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