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An ant got under my computer screen ARGH!! I didnt know that was even possible… I felt mad and wanted to kill the little thing, but then it died right there under my screen… more ARGH! Its going to be there forever and ever… What a cruel world we are living in people!


After a minute into this video Bono starts preaching…

…among other things he says: “No matter if you belive or not God is with the poor”

Hi Guys, So How was my weekend?… well most probably better than yours!… hehe chick this out!

Just made a new video which is a presentation of our wonderful team… see what ya think

Look what we made…. wow… !!

Another movie… about our team cleaning a school at “Petit bordel- (dont translate this!! ) secondary school”. Yes, ladies and gents, I am not only laying at the beach all day you know… however this weekend we are having our first free weekend, which will be spent on one of the neighbouring islands… So on friday evening we will take the boat and head to another paradise … mmm…

Ok it was a while ago since I last posted a favorite choice kinda thing. Anyways which one of these is you favorite Fuss-Ball-table?…


Ok seriously, this is maybe not a good english teacher, but for us swedish people he is kind of funny!

… and no I have not made this movie… shiiii do you realy think I make everything!?!

Here is yet another movie I made for the Richmond Vale Academy´s homepage about our fundraising week. Bas I am totally hitting the movie-making industry !!

Well that was a great weekend… now its monday and back to work, here is a small video… I have to apologise for my hair, but I just came out of the water and it looks like WAAH… yeah… you know what I´m saing?!?

Here at Richmond Vale Academy (RVA… because its such a freakin long name!!) we  do Garden work… mum you would be proud of me! So here is a little presentation from that department … It might be put out on the academies homepage so it’s a bit formal… I know … not my style but hey what the heck at least you are seeing a bit of our ordinary day =)  just watch it will ya!

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