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Coming all the way from a big city –suburb in Sweden, St Vincent and the rest of the Caribbean with its untouched nature, warm climate, warm hospitable people and tourist-free surroundings this island surely is an ideal place. This also includes the small but yet challenging difficulties that goes with coming over here, such as the mosquitoes, cold shower in the morning, the seven o clock breakfast, hard work  and let’s not forget the absents of my favorite TV program… it’s all a part of the… adventure here at the Richmond Vale Academy. But then again these minor drawbacks are long forgotten when being at the beach, snorkeling among the colorful fishes, freely eating fruit from numerous different trees, hiking to the waterfalls and hanging out with the people over here.



Watch this clip about me having a great EGO-tripp when preparing food.   !!

wodospady_09¿A dónde podría alejarme de tu Espíritu?¿A dónde podría huir de tu presencia? o me estableciera en los extremos del mar, aun allí tu mano me guiaría, ¡me sostendría tu mano derecha!


Where can I go from your Spirit?
Where can I flee from your presence?

if I settle on the far side of the sea,

even there your hand will guide me,
your right hand will hold me fast.

moaToday we went to the Trinity waterfalls… (because there are three of them) after a 2 hour hike  in the jungle one reaches this amazing place… like a mini hidden paradize, obviously we took a refreshing dip in the clear and clean water…. yes surey, I could actually drink from it and it tasted jummy (for my tummy). So tomorrow the school begins, we will get an introduction to everything. The team consists of 5 Brasilians one from Costa rica, one from Germany, two from Hungary, two from mexico, two from south Korea, one American, one from Holland/Sweden… and uhm one I dont remember now…. So yeah its like a DTS all over again =)

[Press on the picture for a larger view… jao!]

oh bye the way I have got a pet, named him charles… but thats for next time.


So this is an old one but anyways… I made this little clip for Jeroen, for his and Sandhyas wedding-feast. I showed it right before the meal was served… so here ladies and gentlemen is my little brother Master J.

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